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Why you Need a Developer for your New Web Project

The World Wide Web is in a constant state of evolution and if you are planning a new web project, there are leading web development agencies with the tools to build a customised digital platform. From a business perspective, the company website reflects the business and should therefore be a professional design with the features… Read More »

Key Responsibilities and Skills of a Web Developer

A web developer is known to be a programmer who has specialized in the development of applications that are relevant to the World Wide Web or distributed network applications. Their job is to create websites and they are concerned with the back end or the programming aspect of creating a website or even a web… Read More »

7 Benefits of Hiring an Expert Web Design Company

A professional business website is not optional anymore but a necessity. The consumer buying process has changed considerably over the years. Today, the buying journey starts online with a simple Google search. Therefore, it is critical to have a professional and user-friendly website. Irrespective of your knowledge and expertise in web designing, a professional web… Read More »

The Basics of Mass Flow Meters

What Are Mass Flow Meters? Mass flow meters are gauges used to determine the flow rate of any fluid. This means that they measure how much of a substance goes through the meter within a certain period of time. This may seem obvious, but it is difficult to measure how quickly a liquid moves when… Read More »

SharePoint HTML5 Bulk File Upload

Businesses use SharePoint to automate processes and improve collaboration between different entities. It is a product of Microsoft and integrates with other products such as Microsoft Office and Office 365. SharePoint is web-based, which is quite a plus as users can access its services via a web browser on a PC or smartphone with internet… Read More »

10 Best Places to Learn JavaScript for Web Development Beginners

JavaScript is a computer language largely utilized by web browsers to provide users with interactive and dynamic experiences. Most of the processes and applications that make the Internet essential in daily life are written in JavaScript. For so many years, JavaScript was only supported by a small number of browsers. The most popular browser, Microsoft… Read More »

Benefits of Choosing a Good Software Consulting Firm

In these past few years, software consultants have become prominent to many business organizations. To keep up with the latest trends and technology and meet their target customers, many businesses are developing software applications that suit their goals. For this digitization project to go on smoothly, these businesses are hiring the services of software consulting… Read More »

Where to Learn UX Design for free?

Did you know? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that all the jobs for UX designers are expected to grow by 8% and this percentage is much faster than average. UX design jobs are considered to be one the best-paid jobs in the country where the designers can easily earn a median salary… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Headless e-commerce Platforms

Headless e-commerce has gained massive traction recently. The reason for this is that it provides such a wide range of e-commerce platform options. But just what is a headless e-commerce platform? How does it work and what are its advantages? In this blog post, we seek to demystify headless e-commerce. When you finish reading, you… Read More »