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What is the best way to create FREE Incremental Backups

Incremental backups refer to backups that automatically store any changes that are made so that users are able to choose to revert back whenever necessary instead of backing up entire website files or database structures every time a backup is made. This process is similar to the processes you see in Dropbox and other similar… Read More »

Ultimate Guide: How to Fix Database Connection Error in WordPress

Every WordPress website owner understands the importance of the WordPress database. Your content, user information, settings, images, meta descriptions, etc, all fall within your website database. WordPress websites run smoothly at most of the times. But, on some occasions, you face unexpected problems among which “error establishing a database connection” is the most frustrating ones.… Read More »

Common Errors with Magento & Their Solution

Since its invention back in 2008, Magento has impressed online merchants globally with its decent features and functionalities. E-store owners use this platform to promote their business and products over the World Wide Web and increase their sales. In spite of the fact that Magento has lots of pre-loaded features and functions that make it… Read More »

Top 10 Websites to Learn Web Development in 2017

Web development commonly refers to a comprehensive list of tasks that include web content development, web engineering, client-side or server side scripting, web designing, client liaison, network security configuration, web server featuring schedule and e-commerce development tactics. All commercial sectors including large businesses and organisations keep well developers working in teams to avail standard methods… Read More »

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 – Review

Increasing demand for web developers with attractive salaries and flexibility geographical locations makes it an attractive profession. As per, location-wise employment trends are ranked by % growth for web developers. Demand for web developers is expected to increase by various types of companies across different states of U.S as follows (We can see that… Read More »

Selecting the Best e-Commerce Platform for your Business

The e-Commerce platform market has grown manifolds now which make choosing the best e-Commerce platform for your business a tedious task. There are practically more than hundred options which are available to choose from where each platform has its own features. Making a choice based on some of the features like the simplicity of the… Read More »

5 Powerful Workflow Tools & Tips for Web Designers

Designing and developing a website can be time-consuming, particularly when the web project involves a lot of new challenges. Designing a site is not as easy as you think. It requires lot of creativity and versatility that can help you create a visually appealing site quickly and efficiently. Working efficiently allows you to deliver the… Read More »