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jQuery Vs AngularJS – A Good Comparison

In this Web Development Tutorial, I’ll try to answer to very common question related to jQuery and AngularJS i.e. What is the difference between jQuery and AngularJS? or jQuery Vs AngularJS? Instead of just explaining the difference and listing features of both technologies, I further tried to provide answer for more related questions as well as… Read More »

Solution to browser back button click event handling

In Javascript, onbeforeunload event is fired when the page is about to unload and there can be multiple reasons for this unload. For instance, back or forward or refresh button is clicked or a link on the page is clicked etc. Normally, onbeforeunload event is used in order to handle browser back button functionality as… Read More »

JavaScript Validation for Letters and Numbers

During web development, almost always, we need to provide input validation on even simple web forms. And in case of web, JavaScript is the best option available for validating input on client-side. Server-side validation has its own important and it should be there but restricting user at very first step is always needed. So, in… Read More »