Microsoft Certification Exams

Microsoft Certifications have been the benchmark standards for Computer Professionals. The authenticity of these certifications makes them most valuable. Microsoft has introduced various professional Certification Tracks for IT professionals as listed below.

Every MCSD Certification Track requires certain level of expertise in specific area, so to acquire a Microsoft Certification in that particular area, you need to complete/pass certain set of exams. Here we will discuss in detail the followings:

  • Required Exams in each MCSD Certification Track
  • Further, required Skills and area of expertise in each MCSD Certification Exam
  • Available Reference Material for each exam that will help you to understand and pass the exam easily. Reference Material Includes:
    • Online Helping Tutorials
    • Video Tutorials/MCSD Training
    • eBooks
    • Online Tests/Online Practice Exams
    • and much more…

MCSD Certification

Following diagram explains the various MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) Tracks to give you an overview about available Certifications Tracks.MCSD - Microsoft Certification Exams

1. MCSD Web Applications Track

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) Exam for Web Applications includes the following three Certification Exams. The three Exams validate web developer’s skill in leading Web Technologies including ASP.NET MVC, HTML 5, CSS3, Windows Azure, WCF and Web Services. All three Certifications are globally recognized and accepted worldwide, thereby allowing your web development expertise to be endorsed. Microsoft Certification Exams Purpose of this section is to provide a user with extensive information about all these exam including reference material, books and Online Tests and Practice Exams. Also the most updated information about these exams.

MCSD Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

The exam requires you to demonstrate advanced level skills on developing ASP.NET MVC applications through .NET Framework tools. The purpose of this Microsoft Certification Exam would be about developing skills for building web-based application those are  architecturally strong and secure, providing better User Experience, enhancing Scalability and Performance. Major weight-age for this exam comes from tasks relating to above mentioned skills. This exam demands strong hands on experience with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC technology. If you are looking for a detailed post about the exam, please follow here for MCSD Exam: 70-486. Exam: 70-486

As listed by Microsoft, following skills are being tested during the Exam: 70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications).

  • Application Architecture Design
  • Designing a better user experience
  • Implementing/Developing the user experience
  • Troubleshooting and Debug Web Application in a better way
  • Designing Security and Implementation

For more detailed reference to above skills, please follow Microsoft Exam Site here.

If you are already have experience with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC and related technologies, you can validate you skill by taking FREE ASP.NET MVC Online Tests here.
If you have prepared yourself and planning to go for Exam:70-486, STOP and take this Online Practice Exam first to validate how much are prepared for the actual exam. Online Practice Exams gives you a better idea about how well you are prepared for the Certification Exam. Click here to get more information about the Practice Exam.

MCSD Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Microsoft Certification Exam: 70-480 is focused on programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. Candidates appearing for this exam should have at least one year of experience in programming application logics across various platforms through JavaScript.Microsoft Certification Exams: 70-480

Microsoft has listed the following skills are being tested during the Exam: 70-480 (Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3).

  • Implementing and manipulating document structures and objects
  • Implementing the program flow
  • Accessing as well as securing data
  • Using CSS3 effectively in applications

For more detailed reference to above skills, please follow Microsoft Exam Site here.

If you are already have experience with HTML5, JavaScript and related technologies, you can validate you skill by taking Online Tests here.
Online Practice Exams improves your skill before you appear for the actual Certification Exam. Click here to get more information about the Practice Exam.

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Exam 70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

Exam 70-486 is about proving your abilities on developing/designing services to access local as well as remote data across different data sources. Deploying services you develop in hybrid environment is one of the key goal. Be prepared to be highly tested on querying as well as manipulating data using Entity framework. Accessing data through implementing caching, creating WCF data services in Azure and implementing transactions are much needed skills for the test.

Key skills for the exam listed by Microsoft are as follows:

  • Accessing application data from various sources
  • Querying and manipulating data by using Entity Framework
  • Designing and implementing WCF Services
  • Creating and consuming Web API-based services
  • Deploying web applications and web services

Microsoft website has complete detailed information about the Exam: 70-487 here.

In order to validate your skill on Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation, please visit here.
Microsoft Certification Path

2. SharePoint Applications Track

The MCSD certification in SharePoint Application consists of four exams:

  • 70-480 – Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3
  • 70-486 – Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
  • 70-488 – Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions
  • 70-489 – Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions

MCSD - SharePoint Applications TrackWe have already discussed in details about exams 70-480 & 70-486 in Web Application Track, so please review the detailed reference material for these exams in above sections.

MCSD Exam 70-488:

Exam 488: Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions is the first of the four directly related to SharePoint. This exam tests areas that are more common to SharePoint development, including server and client side solutions, security , also creating workflows, managing and accessing data in a variety of ways.

How to Get Started:

An online course to teach you and test your skills can be found below.

MCSD Exam 70-489:

It is the final exam in the series that cover a vast range of various topics that deal with SharePoint and its back end services. You are about to be tested on how to configure Search through a variety of different query languages, customize the results, configuring profiles, Bussiness Connectivity Services (BCS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), troubleshooting and performance tuning.Another topic included is the MMS(Managed Metadata Service) which covers: SSOM/CSOM usage, also creating solutions for Product Catalogues and Profile Pages.

How to Get Started:

An online course to teach you and test your skills can be found below.

3. Azure Solution Architect Track

It is very likely that you may have already started to consider getting a certification in Microsoft Azure, after the announcement of the latest MCSD Azure Solution Architect. By being divided into three exams, each can earn you a so called Specialist certification and after successful completion of all tests you will earn a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer credential.MCSD - Azure Solution Architect

Lets take a look on these three exams each identified by its referral number:

  • 70-532 – for Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.
  • 70-533 – exam to earn Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions.
  • 70-534 – and the last mentioned Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.

So in case you pass any of these exams, you will get a Microsoft Specialist Certification in an instant. In other words, you are a Certified Professional. By passing all three tests you prove the invincibility of your Azure knowledge.

How to Get Started:

We provide you some useful resources to help you out and get started while studying for any of the three Azure certifications. Luckily Microsoft Press made available a great collection of eBooks that can be download for free either for your computer or any other reading device. Easy to read and gives a broad overview of the most Azure services so you quickly start the journey with your Azure knowledge.

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure – The two greatest Azure MVPs, Michael Collier and Robin Shanan have written this book and available FREE for download here.

The book called “Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure” walks you through best practices to make building apps with Azure easier and is closely related to Exam: 70-534 and also Exam: 70-532. This book will teach you to build top quality apps that satisfy the needs of the user.

The Exam: 70-533 is covered by an older book “The Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals“.

If you are serious in taking the exam we provide you three 75 minutes long Exam Preparation Sessions presented at Technical Conferences. It is a guideline for all people interested in taking the exam. Each of the three sessions covers the most important topics that will broaden your scope. The sessions are short and exciting so we suggest you to check out all three:

After practice and checking out all the videos listed above we highly recommend to take Practice Tests to measure your knowledge here.  We really hope this list of resources will help you on your journey to get your certification.

5. Windows Store App Track

Same like the other MCSD Tracks, Microsoft Windows Store App Track validates a developer’s expertise in a variety of Technologies. Let’s take a look on MCSD Windows Store App Certification that consists of three categorized exams:

  • 70-483 : Programming in C#
  • 70-484 : Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C#
  • 70-485 : Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#

MCSD - Windows Store App

MCSD Exam 70-483:

This exam measures your ability in different essential challenges.

  • The first 25 percent is about Managing Program Flow that includes implementation of asynchronous processing and multi-threading processing, the usage of events, integrating handlers and call backs.
  • Almost 24 percent consists of problematic of creating and using types in C#, implementing a class hierarchy and managing object life cycle during the process execution.
  • About 25 percent represents the Security implementation and debugging applications, while
  • the rest 26 percent will test your skills in data access operations.

If you plan to take this certification exam, it is recommended to have at least the following tools available:

  • Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio 2012 Express.

In order to better understand the evolution of C# from start till the latest version i.e. C# 6.0, below diagram will be really helpful. Follow here to know more about the new features of C# 6.0.New Features In C# 6.0

A good starting point in the exam preparation is the official “Programming in C#”.Exam-Ref- 70-483

For further reading regarding Exam: 70-483, another good FREE eBook available for download.MCSD Certification Toolkit - 70-483 For those who seek for alternative study approaches, Daren May and Jerry Nixon released some Online Video Tutorials called “Programming in C# Jump Start” on channel 9.

70-483 - Video Tutorial

Note: Data Visualization is a hot topic these days and there are many tools available online like tableau that gives you the flexibility to visualize your data easily. You can get Tableau Certification as well to boost your career skills.

MCSD Exam 70-484:

This exam will keep you ahead in line of other Win Apps developers and also provides you with basic and key knowledge in apps development. You are taught how to develop and design apps in windows store as well as how to program user interaction, user interface, data and security. The exam is intended for those who have real interest in the field and not just the urge to succeed. You need to love your job and that’s the point. It is recommended to take the exam if you have at least 3 – 5 years of experience in windows apps development.

Free online video courses are available on channel 9 here devided into a series of approximately 50 min long sections.MCSD Exam 70-484 Video Tutorial

Futher knowledge could be extended via this free e-book related to windows store apps development:Exam Reference 70-484

MCSD Exam 70-485:

Last in the series, this is a multiple choice Certification exam that requires one or even more correct answers to successfully succeed. English and Japanese are the only languages available for this exam. The exam includes advanced approaches in Windows Store apps development, program user interaction,device and user interaction , enhancing the user interface, managing security and various data systems, as well as preparation for a solution deployment. 70-485 Certification exam is designed for advanced programmers with at least 2 – 5 years of experience in XAML and as well as C# apps which includes designing and developing Window Store applications. In order to successfully pass the 70-485 exam the candidate have to prepare sufficiently with usage of study materials. It requires the possession of particular resources including video courses and books.

The well known Channel 9 offers a variety of advanced Video Tutorials below:Advanced Win Store App

It has multiple modules on Advanced Windows Store App Development using C# as follows:

The good old allitebooks can provide you with a free copy of Advanced Windows Store App Development in C# e-book available here.MCSD Exam Reference 70-485

It covers each topic in detail that helps you in preparation for the 70-485 exam.

These Microsoft Certification Exams prepare developers to be more skillful and productive in performing various development activities and also help them to grow their career.