6 Mobile App Development Trends For Your Consideration

By | February 3, 2015

Like the web development, the mobile application development has also become an ever fluctuating field. The year 2014 can be titled as the year of Mobile, since we have witnessed amazing advancement in the mobile realm (whether it be the mobile devices or mobile technology). Thus, to ensure a sustainable success to your business, it has become more than imperative to stay updated with the latest mobile trends.

Now, we have stepped into the new year 2015, there are several mobile app development trends that are expected to rule the mobile devices this year. This article will reveal some of the most anticipated mobile app development trends for 2015. These trends have been shortlisted while keeping the rapidly improving mobile technology and changing user behavior in mind.Mobile App Development Trends in 2015

Top Mobile App Development Trends:

Let’s ponder into the top notched, most expected development trends to ensure a remarkable mobile application.

1. More cloud driven apps

Today, there is a plethora of mobile devices including wearables, Smartphones, tablets, etc., and the list is only expected to expand in the future. With the increasing number of mobile devices, it is essential to ensure a smooth and seamless integration between the application data while serving multiple devices. Thus for this, a reliable and secure approach is required and here it is the cloud technology. It can make the data syncing a breeze, so that the application can run efficiently on different devices.Cloud Driven Applications

2. Less native apps

Native apps, mobile web apps or hybrid apps, the debate for which is the best approach will finally come to an end. Since, it is anticipated that to proficiently target multiple mobile devices, the mobile web or hybrid apps offer a cost-effective approach. Thus, to efficiently reach a list of diversified mobile devices, hybrid application is a much sought after choice for the most of the developers. Therefore, it can be said that there will be more hybrid or mobile web applications this year.

3. Parallax Scrolling for creating an amazing effect

An ultimate UX is the most vital aspect of any application. And, the Parallax scrolling has emerged as an absolute way to enhance the app design while making it more intuitive and intriguing. It will add more depth to the app design and helps keep users engaged with the app for longer by making them more curious with a storytelling design approach. By integrating the parallax scrolling technique in a mobile application, you can make it appear more trendy and interesting, and thus deliver a great user experience. Albeit, there are certain consequences involved, but that can also be resolved.Parallax Scrolling

4. Android will pass the iOS

While considering the current mobile market stats and analytics, it can be observed that Android possesses over 80% of the total market shares, whereas iOS has around 20% shares. Having said this, one thing is clear that currently the Android user base is substantially wider than the iOS user base. With these numbers, it is quite clear that developing Android applications will be more beneficial to your business than creating iOS applications.

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5. For multiple-player mobile gaming apps

The gaming application has always been the most attractive section in the application stores. With the rising craze for multi-player gaming apps, developers are coming up with more refined approaches to support the accentuating demand. This can be successfully accomplished by integrating social media and social interaction within apps. This trend will thus definitely fuel the mobile game industry in the approaching future.Multi-player Mobile Gaming Apps

6. To efficiently promote applications

Marketing the application is considered as one of the most significant step as it primarily contribute to an app success. The techniques for efficiently promoting the applications are interestingly improving year after year. In the year 2014, the user engagement was considered as the paramount for promoting an application. With enhanced offerings like beacons, location based Wi-Fi services and more, the developers will get a better way to scrutinize their target audience base. Thus, they will better able to promote their app to more loyal and interested potential consumers. However, the app store optimization will continue to be an imperative factor this year as well.


These are the top mobile app development trends that are expected to be commonly seen in the applications in the year 2015. Create a ravishing mobile presence, by developing an effective and efficient mobile application while keeping the aforementioned trends in mind.
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