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Board Games For Kids – A Child’s Learning Experience

The fondest cherished recollections of an individual normally do exclude tuning in to the educator, going to class, and recalling what the math exercise was about. Recollections are somewhat of playing games with companions and having some good times. Encounters that make a blemish on one’s adolescence are really things that brought them giggling, test,… Read More »

Technologies for mobile game development

Technologies for mobile game development – the best tools for the purpose Technology has made smart phones as much of a necessity as breathing and drinking water. We use it more than anything – be it for work, entertainment or studies. This makes it one of the most favorite choices for game developers to sell… Read More »

Overview of Gaming Industry in 2018

Overview of the industry It’s 2018 and the revenue generated from the gaming industry is expected to rise by 13.3% as compared to 2017. If forecast by Newzoo is anything to go by, 2018 will see 2.3 billion gamers spend approximately $138 billion on games in 2018. The proliferation of technology and mobile devices in recent years has revolutionized… Read More »