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By | April 27, 2016
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All Courses on site are USD$10 for everyone

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Discount: All Courses on site are USD$10 for everyone.

On this resource page, you will be able to achieve, at your pace, technical formation in the web and mobile development. You might be a veteran from the industry just looking for a refreshing course on something very specific. Or maybe you are a newbie looking to get into mobile design. Our online training course is available to a wide range of customer and are adapted to be passed by anyone who will invest the time needed for them. If mobile or web design is your thing, look no further and start looking into what we have to offer.

Within the Online training class for mobile and web developer you will have the chance to try your hand with the following type of languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. You will become proficient with the technical usage of these programming methods and that coupled with other resources to produce websites that are user-friendly and mobile ready. But what do we mean by mobile ready, we mean you will learn how to program websites that will adjust their format depending on what hardware the user is on. You will learn how to use CSS; smartphone adapted JavaScript to make improvements and user-friendly functions. You will also learn the usage of frameworks to build sites that will search nearly as good on Android or an iPhone.

ASP.NET MVC Web Application On 3 Tier Architecture

In this course we are going to learn how to break requirements into objects and find relation among them. We will then learn designing database out of this objects and relationships. Moving forward we will also see how to design architecture of the project and implement various layers.

We are going to learn implementation of business object layer using Entity Framework and data access layer using repository design pattern and Entity Framework.

For user interface we will see ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and Bootstrap. We will learn how bootstrap makes our application responsive. We will also see how to implement custom sorting and paging. Moving ahead you will learn forms validations and business rules validations as well. We are going to secure our app using custom membership provider and role provider and publish it on web. Take This Course.

In Advance operations we will try to understand how to implement transactions, bind multiple models to single view and Ajaxyfiy our Asp.Net web App. Finally we will also see few optimization techniques.ASP.NET MVC Multi Tier Web App


Creating a web application using ASP.NET MVC with all CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations with Entity Framework. Click Here to START NOW:

ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5) | MVC 6 | C# | Web API & EF Crash Course

Learn How To Build cross Platform Web Apps in ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5), Utilizing MVC 6, C#, Web Api & Entity Framework. Click Here to START NOW:
ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5),MVC 6,C#,Web Api & EF

This mini NodeJS course will help you learn how to design your own eCommerce website using NodeJS, Express and Kraken. NodeJS is a brilliant open-source JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to create powerful and dynamic server-side web applications.

In this project-based course, you will build an entire Bookstore from scratch. You will be able to add, edit and delete books to the backend and customers will be able to browse, add and delete books from their cart as well as purchase it using Paypal.

NodeJS Course
Take this Course Online Now

Twitter Bootstrap has become the most widely used framework for quickly building responsive websites, and they’re currently launching Bootstrap 4 to the public. This new version of Bootstrap comes with a ton of new features to help you build even better responsive websites. More about this Course here.

What will you learn?

  • Code responsive websites in Bootstrap 4
  • Understand how to use the new features in Bootstrap 4
  • Modify old Bootstrap 3 websites to work best in Bootstrap 4
  • Set up an efficient website project workflow
  • Install & compile SASS for Bootstrap projects
  • Build a modern startup landing page
  • View Complete Curriculum

Learn Bootstrap 4

  • Project 1 – Hand Code a Basic Website
  • Project 2 – Use a Bootstrap Template
  • Project 3 – Modern Startup Landing Page

Click Here to Take Bootstrap 4 Online Course

In this course Author will give an introduction to ASP.NET MVC from a beginner’s perspective. Then starts moving towards the understanding of Get and Post method, Binding A Form To An Action, various methods of Passing Values From View To Action, Introduction To Razor View Engine, ViewData Vs ViewBag and Temp data. Implement partial page updates that help reduce the need to reload entire pages and Finally Implement caching to reduce the loading time of the different elements of a webpage. More Info about  Course

We will also learn how to validate forms and implement business rules validations by implementing custom validators. Then we will end our course by securing it with implementation of authentication and authorization.

Entity Framework is a latest approach for data access and this course contains all the stuff required to start with AdoNet Entity Framework. As there are two ways of working with entity framework i.e., ObjectContext and DbContext. As a start this course contains all the stuff with ObjectContext and it covers all the areas that a normal developer needs to know to work on any project with entity framework as data access layer.

It ranges from basic operations like insert,update,delete and select to advanced operations like transactions and optimization technique (lazy loading, eager loading, etc.,). Take This Course

ASP.NET with Entity Framework

Building Single Page App using ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core and AngularJS is basically designed to build the application right from the scratch. This Book is entirely targeted to those people who are well versed with ASP.NET MVC and Angular as this needs basic knowledge of both the technology.

There has been a major change between previous versions of ASP.NET MVC and current version of ASP.NET Core. Hence, I would expect readers to have minimum working knowledge of ASP.NET Core. In this entire book, you will learn how to build Line of business application right from the scratch using tons of client/server technologies as mentioned below.

Server Side Technologies:

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework Core – Code First Approach
  • SQL Server
  • Repository Pattern
  • Unit of Work Pattern
  • Web API
  • NuGet
  • IOC
  • POCO Models

Client Side Technologies:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Modernizer & LESS
  • Responsive Design
  • Media Queries
  • AngularJS
  • Toastr JS
  • Bootstrap Templates
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Templating
  • Bootbox
  • Bower

Design Technologies:

  • Solid Principles
  • Factory Pattern

Testing Framework:

  • MSTest
  • Jasmine
  • QUnit

Tools used:

  • Visual Studio 2015

Single Page Application

I would encourage you guys to download the skeleton project to get started with this project.

You can also experience the finished app live @

You can also check API Health live at

Similarly, you can also check different APIs like,

Different Avenues to buy the book:

  • Amazon India:-
  • Amazon International:-
  • Flipkart:-

Live Project Explanation:-

Learn professional web development in AngularJS while building ten unique web apps

Following are the section details of this online course:

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Basic Angular Website
  • Section 3: Web Template Store
  • Section 4: myContacts App
  • Section 5: ngSocial Facebook App
  • Section 6: Job Directory
  • Section 7: KnowledgeBase
  • Section 8: User Authentication App
  • Section 9: Instagram Gallery
  • Section 10: PubNub Chat
  • Section 11: AutoFind
  • Section 12: Summary

This ReactJs Online Course is designed for those developers who have basic knowledge about HTML and CSS but who want to enhance their skills by building data-driven web apps – the kind of apps that can be used for products or startups and the type of apps that can interact with servers.

Following are the section details of ReactJs online course:

  • Section 1: Course Overview
  • Section 2: Javascript Basics (React pre-requisites)
  • Section 3: Intro to React
  • Section 4: Moving Forward With React
  • Section 5: HTTP Requests, React Flux & Reflux
  • Section 6: Putting Theory Into Practice – A Better React Developer
  • Section 7: Summary

Understanding ReactJs

Build your RESTful Web Service with ASP.NET Web API 2 from the ground up and learn how to use the new Attribute Routing. Click Here to Take the Video Course Now.
Course Contents are:

  • Build RESTful web services with Web API 2
  • Create custom URIs with Attribute Routing
  • Save data persistently in a database with Entity Framework Code First migrations
  • Use Attribute Routing to your advantage
  • Services and Dependency Injection
  • Use JQuery to create, read, update and delete objects with Web API 2


Learn the Fundamentals of Angular 2 and get ready to create your own web application
Click Here to Take the Video Course Now.
Course Contents are:

  • Introduction
  • Displaying Data
  • User Input and Data Binding
  • Forms using Angular2
  • Services and Dependency Injection
  • Routing

If you want to integrate Google Maps in a Website or Mobile application like Android, iOS and don’t know how to integrate and create programs in Google Maps by using Google Maps JavaScript APIs? you can find this complete Video Course really helpful: Click Here to Take the Video Course Now.
Using HTML5 and JavaScript, you will be:

  • able to setup Google Maps APIs
  • able to create Google Maps for devices
  • able to create Google Maps in a website
  • able to control the Maps UI events

Google Map JavaScript API

HTML works perfectly fine as far as static documents are concerned. If a web application requires dynamic views however, it’s less than ideal. That’s where AngularJS comes in; an open-source framework that extends HTML vocabulary for you application, resulting in intuitive, expressive single page applications. For an AngularJS crash course to get you up to speed with this widely used framework, look no further. Click Here to Take the Free Course Now.
AngularJS For Beginners

Have you ever tried to develop a cool modern youTube homepage? Maybe no. That’s why Plato is here to help you to learn how to turn a normal photoshop design into a cool layout in the browser. From the design, until the pages go live, you’ll get expert guidance on how to make sure your first steps gets done, and done right. This is not a beginners course and some knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 is required. You will also get hands-on with some jQuery and learn some very beautiful ways to help take the homepage to the next level! Click Here to Take the Free Course Now.
HTML5 Applications
Bootstrap is the world’s most popular mobile ready web development framework for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap is for you if you want to quickly build a super cool website which work across devices and browsers. It is easy to learn and super powerful. [Click Here to Take this Course]

Following are the section details of this online course:

  • Section 1: Getting Started With Bootstrap
  • Section 2: Photo App Sales Website
  • Section 3: Portfolio Resume Using SASS
  • Section 4: Social Network Template
  • Section 5: Agency Landing Page Using LESS
  • Section 6: Photo Gallery
  • Section 7: CMS Admin Template
  • Section 8: Web Hosting Company Website
  • Section 9: Ecommerce Template
  • Section 10: Business Bootstrap Theme
  • Section 11: Blog Website
  • Section 12: Course Summary

Learn Bootstrap by Example

  • Learn ASP NET MVC 5 step by step [Maruti Makwana, Corporate Trainer] 28 Lectures, 2.5 Hours Video, Intermediate Level
    Very easy to learn video series on Asp.Net MVC 5 Specially for those who are familiar with Asp.Net Web forms.
  • AngularJS for ASP.NET MVC Developers [Brett Romero] 10 Lectures, 1 hour video, Intermediate Level
    The Fastest Way For .NET Developers To Add AngularJS To Their Resume
  • ASP.NET with Entity Framework from Scratch [Manzoor Ahmad, MCPD | MCT] 77 Lectures, 10 hour video, All Level
    Latest approach of web application development
  • Comprehensive ASP.NET MVC [3D BUZZ] 34 lectures, 14 Hours Video, All Levels
    From zero knowledge of ASP.NET to deploying a complete project to production.

Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers Series:

ASP.NET MVC Jobs [Updated Daily]


A2614A - ASP.NET, T-SQL, MVC, C#, Javascript Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: ASP.NET MVC development using C# and Razor - Required - 4 Years. The candidate also will work on the new custom modules/web sites developed in ASP.NET MVC C#...  More
11 days ago

Harrisburg, PA 01-December-2017

Lead Developer/Solutions Architect
Source: Kestra Financial, Inc.
Details: Strong Skills & Experience in Creating Apps in ASP.NET & ASP.NET MVC; The Lead Developer/Solutions Architect for Kestra Financial will lead a development team...  More
30+ days ago

Austin, TX 07-November-2017

Full-Stack Software Engineer, ASP.NET
Source: Indeed
Details: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server. Ideal candidates have demonstrable experience building highly scalable, secure applications leveraging the ASP...  More
30+ days ago

New York, NY 17-October-2017

Senior Level .NET Developer
Source: 3Cords Solutions
Details: Previous ASP.NET, MVC, C# JavaScript and JQuery experience is required. The successful candidate will have previous MVC, Web API, UI, C# and ASP.NET experience....  More
7 days ago

Nashville, TN 04-December-2017

Programmer / Developer - ASP.Net MVC SQL
Source: Capgemini
Details: Number of years with MVC -. 2+ years of hands on experience with MVC, Web API, jQuery, Responsive design, TFS....  More
20 days ago

Richmond, CA 21-November-2017

Full-stack C#/.NET Developer
Source: Pinnacle Partners
Details: 5+ years’ experience with ASP.NET, MVC and Entity Framework. Pinnacle Partners is assisting our client in their search for a full-stack C#/.NET Developer....  More
27 days ago

Indianapolis, IN 46240 14-November-2017

Full-Stack Senior Software Engineer
Source: Digital Air Strike
Details: 5+ years of object oriented design and solutions development in the .NET framework including C#, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, Entity Framework, and LINQ....  More
30+ days ago

Scottsdale, AZ 19-September-2017

ASP.NET Web Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: C# and ASP.NET MVC programming:. Develop new MVC applications conforming to the design specifications provided....  More
30+ days ago

Orlando, FL 08-November-2017

Sr.Full Stack .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: Experience with Web API and REST, WCF, LINQ, and MVC preferred (2+ year). Sr....  More
30+ days ago

Dallas, TX 27-October-2017

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer
Source: MaxPoint
Details: Experience with ASP.NET, MVC, C# and/or Java. Senior Full Stack Software Engineer....  More
12 days ago

Austin, TX 78759 29-November-2017

Mid level .Net Developer with SQL( US Citizenship required)
Source: Indeed
Details: 5+ years of Web development experience using, C#, MVC version 3 or 4. Develop and maintain web applications using Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET MVC 3 or 4, C#...  More
11 days ago

Arlington, VA 30-November-2017

Associate Software Engineer
Source: Zapproved
Details: You should be excited about or have some exposure to our technology stack, which includes AWS, JavaScript, .NET, MVC frameworks such as Backbone.js, AngularJS,...  More
3 days ago

Portland, OR 97209 08-December-2017

Senior Full Stack .NET Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: Experience in ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, WebAPI or WPF development (5+ years). To be successful the ideal candidate must have a background in ASP.NET MVC, C#, VB...  More
9 days ago

Chatsworth, CA 91311 02-December-2017

Senior .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: Expertise in ASP.Net MVC 4 Framework. ONLY H1B TRANSFERS / GC EAD / GC/ TN Visas & US CITIZENS*....  More
3 days ago

Chevy Chase, MD 08-December-2017

Senior .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: Create web user interface server-side functionality using ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC. SENIOR .NET DEVELOPER*....  More
12 days ago

Lansing, MI 29-November-2017

Senior .NET Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: 3-8 years of designing and developing web applications with C# and ASP.NET MVC 5. A cutting edge software development firm is actively seeking a .NET Developer...  More
24 days ago

Chicago, IL 17-November-2017

Senior .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: Demonstrated understanding of C#, ASP.NET, MVC and Microsoft SQL Server 3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering • 6+ years of recent...  More
30+ days ago

Frankfort, KY 19-October-2017

Senior .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: Minimum 4 years experience in C#, VB, MVC and Web Forms. Senior .Net Developer:....  More
30+ days ago

Golden, CO 80401 15-October-2017

Senior .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: ASP.NET MVC 5.x, VB.NET framework experience is required. C# 5.x, PHP 5.x, ASP, SQL, T-SQL required; The Lead Engineer position will balance business solution...  More
30+ days ago

Las Vegas, NV 28-August-2017

Senior .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: ASP.NET MVC – minimum 5 years. NET Web Developer III creates technical solutions for multiple, concurrent client projects with emphasis on CMS, CRM and...  More
30+ days ago

Minneapolis, MN 07-September-2017

Senior .Net Developer
Source: Indeed
Details: Develop enterprise web applications using Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET MVC 3 or 4, C#. Is looking for multi-talented web developers to add to their dynamic team...  More
30+ days ago

Washington, DC 31-August-2017

.Net Software Developer-Remote
Source: Vector-Solutions
Details: Vector Solutions is an award winning, provider of cutting edge technology based training solutions for a range of markets including Architecture, Engineering,...  More
3 days ago

Tampa, FL 33609 08-December-2017

CMS Developer with strong .NET
Source: RDA Corporation
Details: Three+ years’ development experience using C#, ASP.NET, MVC and SQL technologies. We are currently seeking a senior software engineer to join our Washington DC...  More
2 days ago

Washington, DC 09-December-2017

Sr. .NET Developer
Source: Bank of America
Details: Skilled in C#, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, AJAX, WebSocket. Duties may include the research and documentation of process and data flows, query design, distributed...  More
30+ days ago

Jersey City, NJ 07302 15-October-2017

Software Engineer I
Source: Vertafore
Details: Have developed either single page web applications leveraging modern frameworks (Angular, React) or more traditional multipage websites leveraging ASP.NET MVC...  More
30+ days ago

Bothell, WA 98012 21-September-2017
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