10 Best Places to Learn JavaScript for Web Development Beginners

By | March 31, 2022

JavaScript is a computer language largely utilized by web browsers to provide users with interactive and dynamic experiences. Most of the processes and applications that make the Internet essential in daily life are written in JavaScript.

For so many years, JavaScript was only supported by a small number of browsers. The most popular browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer, didn’t even support JavaScript till much later.

Instead, Microsoft developed JScript, its unique client-side script. In the initial periods of Web development, developers who wanted to construct dynamic websites were frequently forced to choose between two browser families. It was less than desirable since it rendered the Internet less accessible. JavaScript was not standardized and extensively used until 1999. Browser compatibility remained a challenge for almost a decade following standardization.

Working of JavaScript 

A client-side script is what JavaScript is. Most web apps, such as search engines, function due to communication between both the user’s device (computer, phone, or tablet) and a remote network. The software on the remote server sends data to the client (the user’s machine), and the software on the client interprets the data and displays a Web page on display.

A client-side script is a language of programming that runs fully on the client’s computer but does not require interaction with the server to operate.

Although JavaScript is primarily a client-side programming language, its most powerful capabilities include asynchronous communication with a remote server. Asynchronous implies that JavaScript can connect with the server in the back without interfering with the user interaction in the forefront.

Take, for instance, a search engine. When the user enters a word into the search box, a list of potential search terms or phrases shows underneath. The experience is completely seamless. Without refreshing the page, suggested search terms emerge.

JavaScript reads the characters as the user inputs, sends them to a remote server, and the server responds with suggestions. Such programs are monstrously huge and intricate. To avoid slowing down the user’s interaction, the JavaScript on the client’s system is as minimal and lightweight as possible. The user’s bandwidth limits communication between JavaScript and the server-side program. As a result, developers prioritize performance in JavaScript functions and keep the amount of data transferred between applications to a minimum. Even for that phase, engines like Google have decreased or removed the need to reload.

JavaScript’s Importance

As a front-end developer, JavaScript is the essential language to know. JavaScript is a popular programming language, judging by several junior frontend web developer jobs available on job boards such as JavaScript Works, Indeed and LinkedIn. It’s an excellent first language to learn for web developers because:

  • Due to JavaScript, web applications are dynamic.
  • JavaScript comes in helpful when it pertains to responsive design.
  • JavaScript is among the most efficient languages for back-end and server-side programming.

Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is an essential component of any website’s structure:

  • HTML is the foundation of the website’s layout.
  • CSS is used to style websites.
  • JavaScript adds dynamism to the page and enables movement.

When you first start learning about web development fundamentals, the enormous resources available may intimidate you. So, in this guide, you will learn about the top javascript learning tools. 

10 Excellent Websites for Learning JavaScript Online

Here is a handpicked list of six sites where you may study JavaScript for free online. It contains interactive websites, official information, decent books, and other materials.

1. freeCodeCamp-org

freeCodeCamp is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that can assist you in learning to code for free, creating real-world projects, and preparing for your first (or nth) developer job.

It is among the most remarkable developer communities and education websites. Its project-based program will assist you to reinforce the abilities you’re acquiring as you need them, and its supportive community of helpers and other camps will be there to aid you whenever you need it.

freeCodeCamp also includes a YouTube channel, publication, and forum where you can learn about Python, data science, JavaScript, machine learning, web design, web development, and various other topics.

2. Code Mentor 

Code Mentor provides a 4-week JavaScript training. Yes, yet another excellent resource for JavaScript tutorials.

You can also schedule a 1:1 lesson with a mentor, which will cost you money (about $15 per hour). You would study not only core JavaScript but also additional well-known JavaScript libraries and associated topics such as Ajax, JSON, jQuery, Angular JS, and others.

3. Educative – io

Educative.io teaches HTML, CSS, and Js from the ground up. It created this course. In this interactive online development course for novices, you will learn to write and construct your websites employing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Instead of viewing numerous videos and figuring out how to translate them into suitable code, you’ll be practicing what you’ve learned through engaging, test-based projects. This course is not free, but you can view it for free if you sign up for a free trial.

4. JavaScript – info

Master JavaScript from the ground up, with easy yet extensive explanations. The tutorials on this page, as the name suggests, are solely for JavaScript.

The main course is divided into two sections that explain JavaScript as a computer language and functioning with a browser. This site is ideal for all levels of developers, from students to professionals.

5. Codecademy

Codecademy is a subscription-based platform that also offers many free courses. It provides a wide range of courses that are taught by a variety of instructors.

It also features a fantastic interactive JavaScript program that will allow you to learn online at your leisure.

6. TutorialRepublic

You may study the fundamentals of web development technologies, from basic to advanced subjects, at the Tutorial Republic, with real-world practice examples and relevant references.

There are various interactive tools available, including an HTML Editor, SQL Playground, and Color Picker.

7. edX 

edX provides a plethora of free courses featuring JavaScript classes created by colleges such as Harvard and other notable institutions.

On edX, every one of the courses is completely free – but if you want certification, you will have to pay a fee. This appears logical, considering they will come from prestigious universities such as MIT and Harvard, but consider that many possibilities are free of price.

8. Coursera

Stanford professors created Coursera, a teaching website. It consists of free and premium online courses and is appropriate for all skill levels – novices, juniors, or even senior developers. Some of the premium courses also include a certificate of completion.

If you can’t afford the premium courses or certifications, you can request a scholarship, and Coursera is fantastic about giving these scholarships to individuals in need.

9. Mozilla Developer Network (MDDN)

MDN, or Mozilla Developer Network, is a documentation resource for developers to read and study from.

Many developers who utilize MDN are well-versed in various languages and have been programming for a while. As a result, we don’t usually recommend MDN for newcomers. However, if you put in the time and effort, there are a lot of good ideas to be discovered there.

10. Combat Code

Although JavaScript might be a very simple approach to add more functionality to your web page, mastering JavaScript by yourself can be a difficult endeavor. CodeCombat is a platform that allows students to learn computer programming while playing a real-world game.

Courses have been designed to flourish in the classroom, even for teachers with no previous programming expertise. It provides several web development courses where you may master the fundamentals of JavaScript. 

In a nutshell, this is a website geared toward beginners and students. By following their distinctive style, you may master the fundamentals of JavaScript in a relatively short period.

That concludes our list of the top sources to learn JavaScript. If you are passionate about studying JavaScript, it’s probably a good idea to start by producing some real-world projects utilizing prominent JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Angular, React, or Node JS. This will help you be competent in what the industry expects from a JavaScript Developer. Good luck!