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7 Easy yet Effective Website Speed Optimization Hacks

If one asks you to name the one most detrimental factor to a website’s rankings, user experience, and sales alike, your safe answer should be slow speed. This is because speed can affect your bottom line. A one-second delay in page load time causes 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and… Read More »

Why Website Developers Should Outsource Client SEO Requests

Web clients notoriously expect developers to perform tasks outside their area of expertise. They often expect developers to be graphic designers, SEO gurus, copywriters, and marketers. At the end of the day, your focus should be on getting your clients the best results possible. Sometimes that means outsourcing their SEO strategy. While you might have… Read More »

Dofollow & Nofollow SEO Links || Difference & Importance

Do you know what hyperlink are? Search engine spiders and people may follow your WebSite if the webmaster is connected to a website with do follow link. Google finds out exactly how many users see the webpage to be aware of the operation of the webpage and takes accounts of Dofollow hyperlinks. The gain in… Read More »

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The sudden rise of Growth Hacking Agencies

Introduction The term growth hacking was found by Sean Ellis in 2010, to differentiate between traditional marketing where the main focus is on brand equity and customer service, and an agent whose complete focus is on growth, new markets, new audiences and new technologies with creative inventions.    It is in a numbers game, where the… Read More »

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The Complete Guide to CPC, PPC & CPM Advertising For Web Masters

The marketing world has changed with the advancement and development of information technology. Now marketing method is changed from traditional to digital marketing. Social media and online networking sites are used and preferred for marketing and advertisement purposes. PPC, CPC and CPM are online advertising tools. All three of these methods are making online marketing… Read More »

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Why Agencies Should Sub Contract SEO to an SEO Agency

You want to boost your online search ranking and get exposure online but aren’t sure where to start? If this is the case, there are services dedicated to this very cause. SEO agencies spend all day every day helping businesses to generate a presence online. We believe there are some very good reasons to allow… Read More »

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The ultimate SEO checklist

Search Engine Optimization employs a combination of multiple practices and techniques that are aimed at ensuring a good search ranking for your website. Some of these best practices for SEO are quite simple and require little effort when setting up your website, but some require an in depth technical knowledge in website design and development.… Read More »

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Backlinks and Google Rankings

Backlinks????? Backlinks are when someone links to your website from their site. Why Backlinks play an essential role in SEO? What is the purpose of Backlinks on your website? These are some of the general questions that people ask when they come across SEO and Backlinks. How would you explain the concept of Backlinks to… Read More »

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Why you Need Affordable SEO Services For Your Website

The best way to optimize your website is through Search Engine Optimization. If you have a website, you’re definitely going to need SEO services so that your website gets a lot of traffic and appears on the first page of the google. The purpose of SEO is also to generate sales in the digital world.… Read More »

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