Top 20 Resources You Need To Master HTML5 Canvas

By | February 2, 2015
HTML5 Canvas
As we take strides toward technological growth and software sophistication, we are continually being aided by the platforms and tools like HTML5 canvas that has given wings to our web application development endeavors without needing to install plugins like Adobe Flash player. The element is one of those high-end technologies which is used to render graphs, game graphics, animations and several other visual presentations on the fly on a web page through scripting, and is compatible to work across multiple devices and platforms.

Learning the ins and outs of HTML5 canvas isn’t an uphill battle. There is an array of resources and tutorials available that can further augment your development skills and give you a wherewithal to have a better understand and grasp over your projects. So, today we are presenting you 20 useful resources that prove to be extremely useful for anyone learning the art of HTML5 Canvas. So, here are some top-rated resource which will help you get your job off the ground.

Learning the Basics of Canvas

1. Dive into HTML5

Dive into HTML5 is a handy tutorial that takes you to the basics of canvas by providing its range of chapters, definition, and detailed information on building basic shapes, paths, text and much more.

2. Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla Developer Network is an extremely useful resource which gives a detailed overview on the use of the canvas element to draw 2D graphics, starting from the very basic level. The examples provides are also helpful in gaining an insight about the capabilities of HTML5 canvas and also provide you code snippets that help you get started building your project.

3. HTML5 Canvas Tutorial

As the name suggests, HTML5 Canvas Tutorial boasts a range of tutorials and informative guides to prepare you for building compelling HTML5 based projects.

4. Canvas from Scratch–net-19650

A very handy tutorial for beginners. It teaches the basics of drawing, pixel manipulation, transformation and gradients, along with an easy to follow introduction about canvas.

Tools, Frameworks and Libraries

5. Animation

Animatron is a high-end editing tool that helps you stay agile while creating animation and interactive content for your project. The tool features a sophisticated interface, a list of self-hosted projects, real-time collaboration tools and more.

6. Mixeek

Mixeek is a free software tool that helps you design and execute interactive web animations and more. Based on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5, the tool is easy to understand and help designers enhance their animated skills.

7. Radi

Radi helps developers understand the process of creating videos, real-time graphics without writing even a single line of code.

8. PlayCanvas

PlayCanvas is a comprehensive WebGL Game engine that boasts a range of tools for developers to help them improve their application development skills.

9. Construct 2

Construct 2 lets you develop enthralling games without having any need to write code. It’s an intuitive tool and makes the task of designing games quick and easy.

10. EaselJS!/EaselJS

EaselJS is basically a JavaScript library that provides you user-friendly tools to make working with HTML5 canvas easy and quick.

11. Phaser

Phaser is a free open-source framework that provides support for both JavaScript and Typescript to make the process of game development fast and simple.

12. Three.Js

It’s a JavaScript library that lets you work seamlessly with WebGL. It simplifies the coding process and is well documented for a better understanding.

13. Turbulenz

Turbulenz is a handy gaming engine that allows you create, test, and monetize games.

14. MelonJS

MelonJS boasts a sophisticated tiled map framework that takes the designing task to a new level. It’s a user-friendly tool which comes packed with a standalone library for developing exciting 2D games.

15. Quintus

An easy to follow JavaScript library, Quintus is a HTML5 game engine for desktop and mobile devices.

16. Crafty

Crafty is a handy tool for learning HTML5 canvas and DOM. It features an entity component system for a flawless game development and also includes a plenty of native components for animation, awesome effects, inputs and more.

17. LimeJS

LimeJS is a HTML5 based framework that makes the process of game development fun and easy for both modern touch screens and desktops.

18. bHive

bHive is a high performing canvas framework that lets you create rich animations, games, and applications without compromising the user experience.

19. Paper.Js

Paper.js is an open-source vector graphics scripting framework that boasts a clean Scene Graph / Document Object Model and several other dynamic features that makes the process of working with vector graphics easier and faster.

20. Fabric.Js

Fabric.Js is a handy tool that features a user-friendly object model along with a powerful JavaScript library to add an edge to your application development projects.


The post contains collection of some of the best HTML5 canvas resources for the developers who want to gain an expertise over HTML5 canvas and its related technologies. Hopefully, you find the collection useful for your work and gain mastery over canvas soon.

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