Why you Need a Developer for your New Web Project

By | December 14, 2022

The World Wide Web is in a constant state of evolution and if you are planning a new web project, there are leading web development agencies with the tools to build a customised digital platform. From a business perspective, the company website reflects the business and should therefore be a professional design with the features you need to facilitate the user experience.

Web Development Team

Tailored Web Solutions

Take the leading React developers Sydney businesses use when designing a website as an example; they use a step-by-step process to arrive at the optimum design. This begins with an initial meeting with the web development team, which allows the team to get to know your business, while they carry out a needs assessment, with specific objectives. Once the team has the data they need, they put together a digital storyboard that shows the client how the site will look; at this stage colours, font and design are discussed and a proposal is put together and if the client is happy, the build can begin.

Choosing the Right Web Application

One of the most popular web-building applications, React is an open source and has a huge library of JavaScript frameworks to build exceptional interfaces; React is scalable and developers love the application for many reasons. React is compatible with all systems and can be seamlessly integrated to all digital devices; PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone users can use your platform. Here is a basic tutorial for ASP.NET, which many developers use.

Built-in Cyber-Security

If the framework has built-in cyber security, your data is always secure and if you are planning to host financial transactions on your platform, you need a valid SSL certificate, which is inexpensive and protects your customers’ financial data from hackers.

Cyber Security for Web

Time is Money

When you hire a team of web developers, you don’t want them to spend months working on your project and with so much in the JS libraries, it is quick to build with React. The fact is, the developer doesn’t want to spend any more time than is necessary and the many powerful tools that come with the React package enables them to build complex websites in a short time, which keeps cost down.

Comprehensive Solution

From initial design concept to post-build support, a leading Sydney web developer handles every aspect of the project and that means you only have to deal with one organisation. The team are dedicated to working with the client during the build and a whole stack of powerful features are available, depending on your web needs.

Full Support Once your digital platform is online, the developer monitors every aspect of the website; most business owners prefer to let the develop manage the site, which leaves you and your employees free to focus on other aspects of the business, safe in the knowledge that the website is in good hands. Cyber-security is, of course, always working in the background and should there ever be malicious attacks, your developer can quarantine the code and even track the origin.