Why You Should Opt For Bootstrap Frontend Framework? A Handy Guide For Beginners

By | August 26, 2015

The growth in Smartphone usage has led to increase in the adoption of new and improved technologies. Bootstrap Framework is one such technology that has become a hugely popular front-end framework for developing websites, as well as, applications. This framework proves an excellent tool for developers, as it helps them build sites and web apps in an easier and quicker manner. It comes loaded with several tools and predefined classes that are essential for creating web pages that works well across all the major browsers and devices.

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This web development tutorial is intended to help you explore the benefits that the Bootstrap framework provides for front-end web development projects. But, before looking at the benefits of the Bootstrap framework, let us have an overview of the framework first.

Bootstrap Framework – An Overview

Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap (also referred to as Twitter Bootstrap) was developed by two skilled team members at Twitter with an aim to accelerate web development. It is an open-source framework that make use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies for building user interface components.

In order to work with the Bootstrap framework, you’ll need to download the framework first. To do so, simply visit the Bootstrap website to download latest version of the Bootstrap framework (i.e. Bootstrap 3).

1. It is Customizable

Wouldn’t it be better if you are provided with the ability to choose the features you wish to add to your site? Well, this is where Bootstrap comes in handy. The framework comes prepackaged with a customizer, allowing users to have complete control over the things they need to use for making the framework match your specific needs. The best part is that, you can search throughout the Bootstrap framework and choose to eliminate or keep the elements of your choice.

2. Ensures Consistency

One of the primary reasons behind Bootstrap creation was to provide developers with some centralized development code. This helps developers in getting consistent results across all of the major browser platforms – be it Firefox, IE or any other browser. Put it simply, a Bootstrap powered site or application will be compatible with popular browsers, as it helps deliver consistent performance everywhere.

3. Saves a lot of Development Time

Almost every developer look out for ways that helps in reducing the development time. And using Bootstrap, the biggest benefit you’ll get is the ability to save a considerable amount of time. Wondering how? Well, that’s possible, because of the Bootstrap libraries that comes with ready-to-use pieces of code that can be directly used in a website. And thus, saves web developers from spending their time and efforts on writing code; all they have to do is to find the right piece of code and place it within the website or web app structure they’re working on. What’s more? Since CSS is built using LESS, developers can also cash in on time needed for handling several design and styling aspects.

4. Responsiveness

The growing popularity of mobile devices (especially Smartphones) seems to be increasing with each passing year. And with the release of Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm update, it has become essential for website owners run a responsive mobile site – optimized to be used for all types of mobile devices. Thanks to the Bootstrap’s  fluid grid layout – that helps in adjusting the layout to any screen resolution – building mobile-friendly sites becomes a breeze for developers. With Bootstrap, you don’t need to work hard in achieving a truly responsive design.
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5. Huge Community Support

A framework backed by a huge community can provide the solutions or needed help that one seeks for when they run into any issue. Bootstrap also boasts a huge support community with more than 500 contributors. And so, chances are that you’ll easily get the support you need for any of your Bootstrap based projects. Moreover, the creators of the Twitter Bootstrap framework make sure to roll out timely updates of the framework.

6. Impressive Documentation

For any beginner, a framework’s documentation plays a vital role in helping them understand the basics of working on it. Thankfully, the Bootstrap’s documentation is quite impressive and proves a good starting point for novice developers, as it provides information about anything that is important for you to learn.


Hope that now you’ll have come to know about the several benefits that the Bootstrap framework provides to the web development community. So, in case you’ve not focused much on the Bootstrap framework and are looking for a suitable front-end framework for your web development projects, then Bootstrap is worth a try.

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular mobile ready web development framework for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap is for you if you want to quickly build a super cool website which work across devices and browsers. It is easy to learn and super powerful.

Following are the section details of this online course:

  • Section 1: Getting Started With Bootstrap
  • Section 2: Photo App Sales Website
  • Section 3: Portfolio Resume Using SASS
  • Section 4: Social Network Template
  • Section 5: Agency Landing Page Using LESS
  • Section 6: Photo Gallery
  • Section 7: CMS Admin Template
  • Section 8: Web Hosting Company Website
  • Section 9: Ecommerce Template
  • Section 10: Business Bootstrap Theme
  • Section 11: Blog Website
  • Section 12: Course Summary

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