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Design your Way Through 2.8 million Android Apps

With a whopping 2.8 million apps in the Android store, we all can wonder how difficult it is for people who are trying to make a mark in the Android app store. The more the number of options users have in front of them, the stiffer the competition grows for these app developers. Mobile apps… Read More »

Meteor Tutorial for Web and Mobile App Development – Part 2

Let’s continue exploring more in this series of Meteor Tutorial about Web and Mobile App Development. Part 1 of this series covers basics about Meteor including: Installing and Configuring Meteor Development Environment How to use ECMAScript Package, EsLint in Meteor App? Collections in Meteor as well as different types of MongoDB Collections available in Meteor. Define/Update Schema… Read More »

Top Mobile Apps Which Can Covert Voice Commands To Text

Mobile App Development There are several ways the speech recognition technology can be implemented. The initial use of speech recognition tech was in the Robotic sector. Since 2006, this technology has grown out to become one of the best inventions. Today, the speech recognition systems are available in the cars, mobile phones, airplanes, homes etc.… Read More »

Hybrid Mobile App Development using Ionic and Cordova

Ionic is basically an open source SDK (Software Development Kit) for developing Hybrid Mobile Applications. It’s a front-end UI framework built on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova, providing tools and services to build Hybrid Mobile Applications with native look and feel. Step by Step Ionic Mobile App Development You can follow the below steps… Read More »

Meteor Tutorial for Web and Mobile App Development

Meteor is one of the most popular JavaScript platform for web and mobile application development. Just like Ionic (we covered in previous Mobile App Development Tutorial), we will explore various features of Meteor as a web and mobile app development platform. Understanding Meteor Web and Mobile App Development Web and Mobile App Development using Meteor Platform… Read More »

Ionic Tutorial for Mobile App Development – Part 1

Ionic framework enables to develop Native Mobile Application using HTML. In order to maintain the connection the native layer of mobile OS, Ionic is developed based on Cordova plugin and the next important thing of a hybrid mobile application development SDK is to provide a UI framework. Ionic is  a front-end UI framework developed on… Read More »

Top 20 Android Interview Questions – MUST HAVE

Android OS has gained tremendous share and popularity in Mobile App Development in last few years. Accordingly the job market demand is increasing for Android Mobile App Developer. This Android Interview Questions Tutorial is designed in a way to help developers grasp the technology and enhance their skill from beginner to advance level, as well as preparing… Read More »

Exploring the difference between Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Every smartphone user knows where to go in search for mobile apps. Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the two main distributors of applications for Android and iOS platforms respectively. The question comes up: how these two competitors get along together on one and the same area, how different they are and what… Read More »

Most Anticipated Mobile Application Development Trends

There is no doubt that today, mobile applications play an incredible role in our lives (for almost for all of us, though not all). The majority of people carry the Internet in their pockets and are connected with each other via the advanced mobile technology, which is incessantly flourishing and will continue to do so.… Read More »