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Currently, there are several fitness apps available in the market, each serving specific fitness purposes. Each app can be categorized based on the kind of issue it addresses or the content it provides. Thus, the following are the main types of health & fitness apps based on what they cater for: Fitness Tracking Apps Workout… Read More »

Understanding and Using Of iBeacon Integration in iOS

iBeacon technology introduced in the apple to connect multiple devices within range. It is a replica of Bluetooth where multiple devices can connect and communicate with hardware by using Bluetooth. If users are in a range of beacon then all messages, information, and data can be broadcast via one app to another app. In some… Read More »

Top Trends of Mobile Application Development for Future

The mobile app enterprise has been reshaping the enterprise for years now. no matter the enterprise domain, each business enterprise wishes to integrate the ultra-modern mobile application development technologies to garner maximum growth and multiply the approach to attain the targeted audience. According to professionals, the mobile app enterprise is one of the leading sectors… Read More »

Ringtones Now

The noise a cell phone makes when someone is calling. Today, ringtones are one of the most popular features of a cell phone and can be set to any imaginable song, melody, or jingle. Often, you can set each contact to a different ringtone, allowing you to know who is calling without viewing the screen.… Read More »

Top 5+ VPN Apps in 2019

VPN stands for a virtual private network. A VPN enables a user to create a secure and private network for themselves using a public internet connection. With the help of a VPN, users now send and receive data across a shared or a public network by having their computing devices connected to a secured and… Read More »

Best car booking apps for android and iOS

Everyone needs a comfortable ride to travel from one place to another with reasonable price to pay as well. Calling a taxi, waiting for it to come and then pay a high fare has become really inconvenient and most of the people try to avoid taking a taxi and manages to travel on their own.… Read More »

Apple Accessories

As we know that Apple is among one of the most popular mobile companies in the whole world and their phones iPads, iPods are the items that are always selling like hot dogs. The joy and comfort that an iPhone gives to its users is beyond amazing. People crave for Apple phones. Though an iPhone… Read More »

Mobile Spy Software

Mobile spy software is a way that lets you track all the activities of a specific person. The app is best for parents who want to keep an eye on the activities of their children. You can track their phone calls, text messages and almost everything that they do. Similarly if an employer wants to… Read More »

Story Door Mobile App – A Review

The high schooler and youth fragment is maybe a standout amongst the most troublesome ones to inspire. Each item and administration went for this section must be first rate, instructive, valuable or more all, engaging. It would not be a misrepresentation to express this is a standout amongst the most perceiving and requesting target markets.… Read More »