Mobile App Development

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The continuous evolution of smartphones has lead into a remarkable increase in the demand for mobile applications. Thanks to the easy availability of mobile app development technologies, we are able to enjoy faster and fully-functional apps.Mobile App Development

Complete Mobile App Development Reference:

      • Getting Started with HTML5 Mobile App  Development
        • Get familiar with the norms of mobile app market
        • Opt for redundancy, wherever possible
        • Perform all the profiling and slimming of JavaScript, CSS and images
        • Maintain a main CSS style sheet instead of multiple sheets
        • Don’t cut down app features in the wake of rendering user experience similar to the one received with a web browser
        • Consider the upper limit and design the variable accordingly
        • Code documentation is a big ‘Yes’
        • Following trends is something you can’t afford skipping
        • and more…
      • Hybrid Mobile App Development with PhoneGap, Angular and Bootstrap
        • Step 1- Build an initial app template
        • Step 2- Download and install Geolocation plugin
        • Step 3- Incorporate the platform to which you want to deploy the mobile application
        • Step 4- Add the Bootstrap and AngularJS files to the mobile app created in the step 3
        • Step 5- Now, code the application’s logic
        • Step 6- Define the two views for the hybrid mobile application
        • Step 7- Connect the coordinates to view via a controller
        • Step 8- Bind the controller to view via addition of router configuration
        • Step 9- Add reference for created files in index.html file
      • Using HTML5 for Mobile Application Development 
        • HTML5 is NOT Prominent than Native, but It Hardly Matters
        • HTML5 Can Do Anything that Native Application Can Do
        • You Can Also Create iOS Applications without a Mac
        • The DOM is One of the Determining Factors for Performance
        • It is Imperative to Use a Good HTML5 Mobile Framework
        • Sometimes Debugging is Great, Sometimes It Is Difficult
        • Elitist Native Developers and Protective HTML5 Developers
      • Beginers Guide to Create jQuery Mobile Application
        • Creating a Standard Page Template
        • Adding Content to the Newly Created Page Template
        • Selecting Your Choice Of Theme Swatch
        • Creating a Listview
        • Making Buttons
        • Concluding Remarks
      • Mobile App Development – Choose between Native, Hybrid and HTML5
        • Detailed comparison HTML5, Native and Hybrid Mobile application development approaches
        • HTML5 Vs Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Apps.
      • Exploring the difference between Google Play Store And Apple App  Store
        • App Store Optimization (ASO)
        • Application Name
        • Keywords
        • Application Description
        • Screenshots
        • Customers’ Reviews
        • What do developers face during app submission?
        • What benefits can developers expect?
        • Let’s talk about App Stores’ restrictions
        • Content
        • Privacy
        • Payment systems
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