Getting Started Mobile Application Development with HTML5

By | February 4, 2015

8 Handy Tips On Getting Started with Commendable HTML5 Mobile Application Development

The continuous evolution of smartphones has lead into a remarkable increase in the demand for mobile applications. Thanks to the easy availability of mobile application development technologies, we are able to enjoy faster and fully-functional apps. Amongst the wide array of mobile app development technologies available in the market, HTML5 is the technology that has proved beneficial for delivering robust and fully-scalable mobile applications. So, if you too are keen on building high-quality apps using HTML5, then adhering to the tips mentioned in this post would serve as the right option. So, let’s get started with discussing these tips better.HTML5 Mobile App Development

HTML5 Mobile Application Development Trends

1. Get familiar with the norms of mobile app market
Prior to initiating the process of creating mobile apps using HTML5, you must get accustomed to the market norms. That means, you must gather an intense information about the acceptance of HTML5 mobile applications on different app stores. While some app stores would expect you to pay a specific registration fees, others might charge you with a launching fee. You need to analyze the right time for launching your app.

2. Opt for redundancy, wherever possible
The basic purpose of using HTML5 for app development is to ensure code redundancy. That means, it becomes possible for you(as an app developer) to use the same code for developing apps that need to run on different mobile platforms. And that’s not all. With HTML5, you can also avail the flexibility of reusing the functional specifications as per your requirements.

3. Perform all the profiling and slimming of JavaScript, CSS and images

Since desktop computers and mobile devices are dissimilar, you should never make the mistake of thinking that an app that works perfectly on your Mac book would work the same in your iPhone. Therefore, you must be all geared up for trimming your Javascript, CSS and images to ensure that the final product works perfectly on all mobile devices.

4. Maintain a main CSS style sheet instead of multiple sheets
While using CSS, it is advised to have a single main CSS sheet instead of several style sheets for different pages. To put in simple words, if you have maintained a single style sheet for everybody, you won’t have to face the hassles of downloading the style sheet again and again for different pages. Whether you hit the first page, 6th or the 40th page (within the current browsing session), you won’t have to download different CSS style sheets.

5. Don’t cut down app features in the wake of rendering user experience similar to the one received with a web browser. 
There are some app developers who tend to abuse the mobile web functionality of an app by removing some features and functions. This is something you should avoid as a whole because users download an app for receiving an app experience, with no elimination of any app features.

6. Consider the upper limit and design the variable accordingly
Variables are considered as pivotal aspects of a mobile application. During HTML5 Coding, it actually makes a difference as to how and where you place different things. Building the workflow prior to developing the app is perhaps the best approach when it comes to delivering an application that meets and even exceeds the customer’s expectations.

7. Code documentation is a big ‘Yes’
Almost every programming language is similar to its counterpart when it comes to functionality. A good code is the one which is documented efficiently. By documenting each and every piece of code included within the app, you can make it convenient for the future developers to work on improving your app’s appearance and functionality.

8. Following trends is something you can’t afford skipping
HTML5 mobile app development has become the leading app development strategy used by app developers residing in different corners of the world. If you too are planning to delve into mobile app creation using HTML5, then getting acquainted with all the latest HTML5 app design and development trends is a must. Get to know HTML5 mobile development inside out and the trends that are being followed by other app developers.

Wrapping Up
With that its a wrap on this post which offered you eight simple-to-follow tips for accomplishing your HTML5 Mobile app development projects with thorough proficiency. Do drop in your comments/feedback using the comments box provided right under this post.

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