Build a Serverless Applications Using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

By | November 22, 2019

azure server-less apps

Microsoft Azure is an ever-growing service that helps the business to grow. It is actually a cloud-based service that is getting popular every day just after it got released in the year of 2010. Microsoft itself developed and designed it. Till now Microsoft runs it. Both Linux and Microsoft Windows are used to develop and manage it. It helps businesses to meet the challenges they meet while getting into corporate industries. Unlike the other applications builders, it has good accessibility for its users along with the freedom to build by the user’s own choice. This cloud-based service also has a feature to deploy the apps in their interface along with making one.

Microsoft Azure has a great feature called serverless, in which any one can build their desired application and launch them. Microsoft Azure’s Serverless technology can make the developer concentrate only on developing the application rather than focusing on overplus things like managing the app, making the rules and regulations, and designing the infrastructure.

in Visual Studio, to build a serverless application, it requires:

  • An active internet connection.
  • an active Microsoft Azure Account.


Download these tools mentioned here if you do not have them on your computer already.

To start the main process, make an  Azure Resource Group project to create a serverless app.

While working on Azure, all your works get stored in the resource group.

Now, on your Microsoft Azure account, start Visual Studio and create a new project by clicking on the File button.

visual studio

Then select Visual C# or Visual Basic whatever you feel comfortable to work on. Azure QuickStart is the thing that is going to lead you from here to build serverless apps.

In this step, there might a problem appearing in the Azure Resource group if you have not installed the Azure SDK. So, be careful about that.

All the logic apps you have made can be opened in the Logic Apps Designer in Visual Studio. To do that all you have to have is an Azure Resource Group which we have discussed moments ago.

All these functions, and can Azure be trusted?

Protecting your privacy and ensuring security is a built-in feature in Azure.

Compared to other cloud providers, Microsoft is more careful about your privacy, acting with you very much transparently. You can put your 100% trust in this single place. Azure’s solution partner can help you manage all of your solutions in one place. It can mange your existing solutions and suggest ready-for-service solutions for you. Any user can link their existing outsourcing partner to become their Microsoft Azure partner. Azure is the place where the developer simply writes the codes on his preferred language and Azure performs its best of executing them. You can also get a serverless workflows cloud feature in it.

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  • Roy H. Campbell, Professor of Computer Science.
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Suppose, you need to add a new user or customer to your database. In other logic apps studios, you may have to create a welcome email for the new user, create a custom login page, sometimes a dashboard too if somehow it needs to be customized for every user. But, in Azure, they are all combined in one place.

This feature makes it easier for the developer to input data in one step rather than doing them manually. Azure is based on open source technologies. It does not have any platform boundaries. So, you can use its tools and technologies on any platform, browser or operating system you like to.

Use your own data source, internet connection to run your apps online on whatever operating system you are working on.

Your choices are valued in Azure. You can pay only for the tools and services you use on Azure, cause the upfront costs and hidden charges are zero in Azure. Azure’s pricing options are so much fit for most of the people nowadays. It also provides a wide range of tools which also helps you minimize the overall costs you usually do on cloud services.

That’s also the reason why nearly ninety percent of companies choose Microsoft to run their web-based business and also getting a tremendous result. Azure also has packages for the kind of big companies.

If you own one, you can bring it under the Microsoft Azure, combine it with Azure’s services, tools, and products, make them meet your desired destinations, use them let the world get some more innovations.

This will lead you to your desired success and bring enormous success to you that you may have not even imagined before. Yes, the internet something like this. And if the internet is helping you win in every sector of your business one can not even think.

There are reasons why Azure is called the hybrid cloud service. The features other cloud services offer are combined in Microsoft Azure. Its features can increase developers’ productivity, has way more regions, a wide range of tools, a cheap price range and compared to any other cloud services in the market.

This can take your business to a whole new level of prosperity than you have calculated at the beginning of the year .It has got the must-have frameworks and tools you need to make an application and a global network to share every user’s knowledge with each other.Its cloud system is so large that it can store all the information about the city.

To do all these excellent works on Azure, just go to the Azure, open a free account, watch some free tutorials, launch your first project, use the cloud services and all the tools that Azure offers, deploy your own solutions and then decide.