How To Create Highly Converting Web Pages in WordPress

By | December 6, 2019


All business-based websites have their ultimate goal, whether the user completes a form, makes a purchase, subscribes to a service, or makes an appointment. The fact that a user performs one of these actions successfully is called conversion.

Of course, we all want the highest possible conversion rate, but we do not always pay attention to it or devote that effort to what is truly worthy. Everyone agrees that to get more sales or conversions is directly proportional, but many people do not realize that it is very easy to get more sales by improving the conversion rate.

If we get 10 conversions (1% conversion) every 1000 visits, and our goal is to get 30 monthly conversions, then we have to reach 3000 visits, so we have to triple them (something normally impossible at some point). On the other hand, if we improve our percentage to 3%, we would have received these 30 conversions with the same number of visits as before.

Once we have seen the importance of conversion rate, let’s take a look at some tips that will help us in creating high conversion web pages:

1. Invite to action

Do your best to separate your call to action button from the rest of the content.

Action buttons like “buy”, “register”, “add to cart” or “request appointment” are exactly what you want the customer to see, as you want the customer to press it.

These buttons should be well visible and, above all, stand out from the rest of the page layout. If the color on your page is predominantly red, make a blue or green action button, as you will see at first glance.

Its size is also important: when bigger is better (without a pass, of course) remove links that may distract your visitors and take them to places that are not of interest to you. The fewer options you give them to achieve their goal, the less likely the visitor will go to other sites that are not interested or interested in him.

2. Reduce charging time

If you enter a website and it takes some time to load, it is very likely that you will leave it. In fact, and according to various studies, conversions fall by 1% for every 0.1-second increase in page response time, so it seems necessary that your site’s pages load quickly.

You can improve the loading time of your pages by reducing the size of images, clearing code, or eliminating elements that are not required. You can use different tools, such as Pagespeed, which will help you know the loading time, as well as locate the most important correction points.

Another advantage of reducing the loading time of your website is that Google will take this into consideration when placing it in your search results. The faster web page loads, the easier it is to gain top position in Google search results.

3. Build trust

Certainly, potential customers will want to know who they are dealing with before deciding to purchase or provide their data.

Create a full-page “Who are we”. The more they know about you, the more likely they are to generate conversions. Email and phone should always be well visible. If you can, include photos of you, your team and your company.

The human component positively affects user decision making. This will not only help those who want to contact you, but it will also show the customer that you “exist”, that you are not a company or a person. If possible, also provide support chat or “live chat” to your customers.

Given the need to do an investigation, this is one of the most comfortable and fastest ways. If your company or product is advertised on television or in any other important means of communication, show it. Media is a very high source of credibility. If a website has appeared in the media (television, written press, etc.), we automatically give a reliability bonus and, therefore, increases the likelihood of refinement.

4. Make purchases simple

In the forms, do not request too much information or use “robbery”. A high percentage of abandonment is due to the fact that too much data is requested when selling something or requesting registration. Ask only what is really necessary.

If it is not necessary to know the customer’s date of birth, identity, gender or landline, do not ask. The more questions a visitor sees when making a payment/registration, the greater the chance that he or she will be overwhelmed and leave their website.

Sometimes, some adjustments in the purchase process are sufficient to increase the conversion rate of the website.

5. Add Testimonials

Add testimonials to your pages, they work. Many people are afraid to buy from online stores because they do not know what is expected, or if the company to whom they are giving their data will not actually.

When a visitor reads the testimony of other people who have already gone through the same process and become satisfied, the visitor’s chances of purchasing something greatly increase. If you have the option, add graphic testimonials (with photos).

And these are the 5 tips that are considered most important to increase the number of conversions on most websites.

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