How to get an IT job Finland in 2020: all you need to know

By | December 23, 2019

Free Online Courses with CertificatesHow to get an IT job in Finland? Simple just ask for it, easy as that. Currently, the demand for highly skilled IT workforce has never surged so strongly since the 2008 financial crisis that affected the Finnish market too. Finnish economy has fully recovered from the crisis and its political stability, low corruption rate, good infrastructure and good quality of life are just few of the reasons that keep attracting investments from abroad into the market of this 5.5 million people on the verge of the north pole.

While back in the 20th century Finnish society was more reluctant towards foreigners today cities like Helsinki and Tampere are welcoming and multicultural hotspots hosting some of the biggest corporations and multinational societies.

The development of Finnish economy, especially in the IT and high-tech industries translates in a high demand for skilled workers in this area. Informatics engineers, programmers, data analysts and web designers are only some of the profiles being researched by companies to fill their vacancies.

Let’s see now how to get an IT job Finland in 2020: First, make sure to understand that you are about to move in a country in which life might be tough for someone not used to the ”Nordic way of life”; very long, cold, snowy and dark winters while on the other side short and rainy summers. But, don’t despair, Finland is always ranked among the first countries for happiness of its citizens and quality of life and there are many reason for that; you will be guaranteed with one of the best welfare system on the planet, one of the most efficient healthcare system and one of the most renown educational system. Use directly companies’ websites to apply for vacancies and make sure to adjust your CV according to the needs and requirements of every job offer, this is key to match the interest and the attention of recruiters. If you need also an easy way to make a fresh and nice CV you can think of using Canva or to hire a freelance on platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. With just 10/15$ dollars you will be able to create a unique CV that will make your candidature stand out from the crowd.

To conclude, you also need to be reminded that living and working rhythms in Finland are currently not hectic like in the rest of Europe and therefore don’t be surprised or discouraged if HR departments won’t reach back to you immediately, give yourself some time and if you follow the mentioned steps it will be just matter of time before job offers will start raining (better say snowing) on you. A job experience in Finland can be definitely considered as a great experience on your CV, hence even if you would like to try this experience for a short time in your life, it will be definitely valuable for your future professional career.