Thanatos Ransomware makes recovering your data quite impossible

By | September 17, 2019


If you have heard about Malvertisements, you might have also heard about a wide range of malware and ransomware distributions that have been attributed to it. Thanatos Ransomware is one such ransomware that has become an extremely difficult version of malware that has been distributed through malvertisements. Of course, there are a few other channels that the virus can inject itself into the system would include the spam emails with the malicious codes and social networks.

One of the most difficult aspects about the malware is that decrypting the data and files once encrypted with the malware may not be an easy task. That is exactly why the prevention of the infection with the malware would be one of the best resolutions to take care.

As per the reports from MalwareHunterTeam, the Thanatos ransomware uses a different key for each of the files that are encrypted. The ransomware adds up the .thanatos extension to the files. This is where it scores over a host of other ransomware tools. That isn’t all – these keys are never saved anywhere. This would clearly mean that even if the affected users pay for the ransom, they would not be able to get their data and files decrypted. Experts suggest not paying up the developers because even after you pay, you have no chance of getting the files recovered.

However, recent developments have indicated that a new decryption tool has been released for addressing the issue. It has been reported that the security researchers have released new decryptor that should help you retrieve your lost files even without paying the developers.

The Thanatos Ransomware first started attacking the users in February 2018, and there have been multiple versions of the ransomware have been launched so far. One of the unique concepts that make it stand apart from the rest of the ransomware is that it does not demand you to pay a ransom in bitcoins, but expects you to pay in other cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin Cash, Zcash and Ethereum.

However, even when you pay the ransom, none of your files and data would be retrieved. There is an inherent discrepancy in the encryption process, and you will end up losing both your money and the access to the files. In fact, this is not a mistake on the part of the developers of the ransomware but has been done intentionally. This should be evident from the way developers taunt the victims claiming that they have no decryptor key available.

How to protect yourself from Thanatos ransomware? Well, you should engage yourself in the best browsing habits. Make sure you have a reliable and tested backup solution. It can be helpful enough in case of an emergency. One of the excellent options would be to opt for a powerful anti-ransomware options like ZoneAlarm. The PC shield and full file restoration techniques would be the major elements you would need to focus on achieving the best results. An effective detection and blockage of the ransomware threats would be one of the excellent options you would need to check out in your choice of anti malware options.

You can also take care of the ransomware through other means as well. Disabling the macros and ActiveX on the MS Office programs can help you stay safer from the possible attack on your computer. Keeping a regular data backup can be one of the huge positive options you can check out. Make sure you are updating the operating system and other applications.

If you are installing any anti ransomware software on your computer, make sure that you have the best tool that has regularly updated the database.