.Net 5 New Attributes Coming in Early 2020

By | November 7, 2019


Microsoft is ready to release its new .Net 5 update which will offer both Just-in-Time (JIT) and Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation models for supporting more than just one compute and device scenarios. JIT delivers better performance for desktop and server workloads and development environments. AOT is useful for mobile and IoT devices used by startup and small businesses.

The update .Net 5 also includes one unified toolchain that is supported by latest SDK project types and flexible deployment model. .Net 5 update will also continue Core’s high performance for cloud and server workloads.

In this article, we will talk about most critical technical facts related to upcoming platform version that is expected to release in the starting of 2020.

Support for Windows Desktop with WPF and Windows Forms:

  • Support for Windows Desktop Apps made with WPF and Windows forms is now available in .Net core 3.0. Windows desktop developers are now allowed to leverage .net core platform features including 0 flexible framework deployments, better runtime performance, and new language features in C# 8.
  • Developers can now avail the most of the capabilities offered by Windows 10. >net Core desktop developers are allowed to use MSIX packaging technology to have streamlined app deployment. Users can add Windows 10 platform APIs through NuGet for experiencing latest features in existing .net desktop apps. They can even update the UI of the app with XAML Islands.

C# web development with Blazor:

  • net Core now offers the ability to build full stack web apps with C# using Blazor. Blazor is intended on C# syntax and Razor to eliminate the need of JavaScript for users and enable them to create client web apps. The Blazor apps are developed with composable UI components implemented using a combination of CSS, HTML, and C#; and Razor syntax. Apps made with Blazor can leverage rich ecosystem of UI components, including Blazor UI component libraries from Telerik, DevExpress, Radzen, Syncfusion. Users can avail tooling for blazor in both visual studio and visual studio code.
  • .Net core 3.0 has support for Blazor server apps that is designed to handle all client-side UI interactions using SignalR real-time connection. These UI events are reverted to the server and the needed UI updates are applied client-side within the browser. Support for Blazor WebAssembly apps is expected to release in May 2020 and it is currently in preview.

Latest Azure SignalR service and SignalR enhancements:

Asp.net SignalR removes the complexities of the process of adding real-time web functionality to apps. The latest .Net core 3.0 has Azure SignalR Service that supports OnConnected and OnDisconnected event handlers using Event Grid. SignalR users can now have withAutoReconnect() method for automatic reconnection. The newly added enhanced policy support by Microsoft let the users to control the hub method name and individual user access. There is also client-to-server streaming support added by the Microsoft.

Entity framework Core 3.0 updates:

Entity framework core 3.0 targets quality and performance and embrace features of C# 8 language and Cosmos DB support. The Cosmos DB provider is made on new Cosmos DB SDK 3.0 to provide .net developers familiar EF experience.

  • Integration with C# 8 allows consuming DB Query. The latest interceptions APIs can be applied to observe & extend the events occur when DB operations are at low-level.
  • C# 8 integrations allows DB query results consumption as asynchronous streams via await foreach. The latest interception APIs can be applied for observing and extending the events happening during low-level DB operations, such as executing commands, and opening connections.


  • NET is a cross platform, open source and free ML framework that is intended to empower .Net apps with ML for many situations, such as price prediction, sentiment analysis, recommendations, and regressions. The users can develop and train their personal custom ML models using ML.Net.
  • The latest ML.Net version includes helpful features for .net developers, for instance DB loader that allows users to read data while training their ML model, directly from relational database like Azure SQL DB, or RDBMS.
  • Net is the initial framework that supports either .net core or .net framework. In this, users are able to run or consume custom ML models on existing or newly developed .net application, in the cloud, or on-premises.

Visual Studio for Mac:

  • VS 2019 for Mac 8.3 is built for MacOS. In the release, Microsoft has focused its efforts on four key areas in the product including support for .net core 3.0 and C#. There are also significant enhancements made to the web editors to work on productivity.
  • The update also includes support for NuGet package management (solution-level). The feature allows developers to manage their project dependencies in more efficient way in one place. Moreover, the company has added an important feature for .net library authors, i.e. they can develop libraries multi-targeting several .net frameworks.

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