Daddy Couture on Social Media

By | March 9, 2019

FashionAs we all know that daddy couture has managed to become a fascinating brand in the eyes of so many LGBTQ buyers including celebrities and have continued to satisfy their craving for shopping as much as they can. Though daddy couture has a humungous society of followers but this time they tried something new to advertise their brand. Their Instagram campaign of doing advertisement for their brand has led their already broad society of followers become broader. Their Instagram marketing has increased their followers by 16,200 in no time. It took them a little time to increase their followers this much. As most of us know that the target market of daddy couture is the LGBTQ buyers. And these type of buyers are relatively less in count. Still daddy couture has managed to target these type of audience very well and has managed to establish an amazing community of these potential buyers.

At first, the brand had a few items but now they have also worked hard to extend their line by introducing so many new clothing items like hoodies, hats and jumpers and much more. The brand has gained so much fame by our celebrities and daddy couture’s main buyers are these celebrities and the LGBTQ buyers. The brand’s focus is to target them and not everyone. We can say that this brand is not for all typical people and the brand itself also doesn’t make any effort to advertise in such a way that can appeal everyone towards their brand.

In other words, unlike other brands whose focus is to attract all types of buyers so that they can make huge profits, daddy couture’s main buyers are only the celebrities and LGBTQ. And they work very hard in trying to appeal these type of people and make a big community. Social media sources like facebook and Instagram has played a huge role in broadening this unique community. And what is more interesting is that even though the community of these buyers is small but still the company manages to make huge profits out of this. This is because there is a lack of competition of daddy couture with other brands. The brand doesn’t compete with others in attracting all types of customers and only targets high class customers that most of the brand don’t. In this way these high class buyers are always attracted towards daddy couture and act as potential buyers.

Overall daddy couture is going so far so good with its motto and are expanding their line as well. The Instagram marketing is paying off well for them in increasing their followers but this is not enough for the brand if they intend to shoot the moon. So they have to come up with more ways to maintain their unique customers and keep them by their side. Because these niche buyers are the reason the brand is famous. So daddy couture has to find ways to bring innovative ideas to their line and attract more of the LGBTQ buyers and celebrities so that they don’t lose them ever.