Overview of Nutanix Products and Services

Nutanix ProductsNutanix is a cloud computing software Company that aims to sell hyper converged infrastructure appliances to different enterprises. Nutanix solutions are 100% software-based and are of course built through HCI technology that totally enables different enterprises to experience an effective work environment. The company has a virtualized data center and storage platform that delivers a full infrastructure stack and thereby integrate, compute, virtualize, storage, networking and security to power any kind of application to any extent. In easy words we can say that the mission of the company is to constantly provide high end infrastructure and applications to thousands of business and development groups that would totally merge within their business and help them flourish it. The company was founded on September 23, 2009 and the founders of this company are Mohit Aron, Dheeraj Pandey and Ajeet Singh. But in 2013 one of the founders named Mohit Aron left this company to start a new one named Cohesity which was a privare enterprise. The Nutanix Company has headquarters located in San Jose, United States of America and California. Dheeraj Pandey is known be the key founder of this Company. In August, 2016 Ntanix announced its first acquisition of Pernix data. Later in May 2017, Nutanix partnered up with IBM to create a series of data center hardware using IBM power systems. Following the next year that is in March 2018, Nutanix proudly announced its acquisition of Mijar which is based in Bangalore.

Nutanix has a long list of products that it provides to millions of clients, organizations, groups and many other enterprises. The company has a wide range of products that are suitable for not just high scale businesses but also small and medium scale businesses are welcome to take Nutanix products and enhance their working experience. So let us take a look at the product categories that the company has for their customers.

  • Data protection.
  • Networking and security.
  • Hyper converged infrastructure.
  • Cloud platform and services.
  • Storage services.
  • Infrastructure management.
  • Automation and orchestration.

If we take a look at this product category, we can easily think of all our problems being solved through just one Company. Starting from the data protection problem to network and security issues, infrastructure management to HCI, automation to storage problems, everything seems solved if we take a look at the products that the company is offering. A client or an organization just have to take a look at what they need for themselves. For example if an organization is facing some serious data protection issues, then why not take a look over the product that Nutanix offers regarding data protection. By taking this product, you can free yourself from the complexity and all the cost that it takes to recover yourself from the loss of your data. You can leverage a natively integrated cloud disaster recovery service that can protect your VMs. You can now eliminate the problem of the traditional complex enterprise disaster recovery system by this amazing product named Xi leap.

Similarly you can enjoy a simple, flexible and highly secure storage system by Nutanix that would enable you to meet the modern challenges that occur around file data. The storage services come in the form of files, volumes and buckets. Each of these three comes with different features and capacity. Like these, Nutanix has different products for every type of problem and once you have these products in use, all of your IT problems will be solved in a glimpse as Nutanix guarantees that once you come in contact with us for solutions to your problems, we will make sure that we help in the most efficient way by providing these amazing products and services that we have.

Nutanix also offers different services to its customers.

  • Consulting services.
  • Training and certification.
  • Product support.

These two services can really unlock the potential of any individual’s investment in Nutanix. By taking one of these services, we are going to help you learn set of skills that can help you transform your business in a best possible way ever.

Now that we have discussed so much about Nutanix products and services, let us now talk about why should we choose products from this company? Nutanix has its qualities that should be mentioned for sure if an organization plans to take its products.

  • Provides built-in resiliency.
  • Gives you freedom of choice.
  • Native virtualization.
  • Provides any application at any scale whether big or small.
  • Simplifies risk management by native integration of ML and AI.
  • Provides non-disruptive upgrades.
  • Get centralized through simplified management.
  • Leverage easy integrations through API-based designs.
  • Enjoy full time app and data protection.

Nutanix’s only aim is to provide such products that can help any organization whether big or small get rid of these IT problems and just focus on what they do best. So here we are going to discuss one main product that the company has to offer which is way too advantageous to have. By taking a look at the description of the product that what it does, how it works and whether it is worth taking, customers can get an idea about it easily.

Nutanix NX 1365 G6

Nutanix NX 1365 G6 application accelerator helps to deliver application services within a network real quickly. It has a dual Intel Sky lake Processor 2.2 Ghz 10-core Sky lake 4114. The product comes with an amazing memory of 128 GB (4*32GB). The performance of this product especifically model number NX-1365-G6 has found out to be exceptional and is totally reliable. This product comes in different models and price varies for each model. So we can say that this effective product can be considered a great option to help you run your business efficiently.

Concluding remarks:

We can conclude our topic by saying that Nutanix has been providing a number of products for years and it plans to keep doing this in future as well. The products and services that the company offers are totally reliable, effective and worth buying and can help an individual, organization or an enterprise whether big or small run their business smoothly. The company has managed to help millions of business flourish and intends to keep doing this as long as possible. Their 24/7 assistance is always there to help and every product comes with a warranty and consultation at any time. So we can totally put our faith in this company for giving us high quality products and services.