Overview of Dell EMC Products and Services

Dell EMC

Source: eweek.com

Dell EMC is an American multinational company that was formerly known as EMC Corporation until the merger in 2016 happened where the company was acquired by Dell technologies and renamed to Dell EMC. The Dell company announced its intentions of acquiring EMC in 2015 at a value of $67 billion which was considered to be the largest ever acquisition in the sector of technology. After that in September 2016, EMC was acquired by Dell Inc that involved the issuance of $45.9 billion in debt and $4.4 billion common stock. The original EMC was founded in 1979 and its headquarters are in Hopkinton, Massachusetts America. The purpose of this company is to sell such products that could help organizations whether big or small to store, organize, manage, protect and analyze the data. The company has a prestigious esteem in providing high quality products and services to its customers from decades and majority of the organizations regardless of their scale prefer to use the products and services of this company. It has been found out that the organizations whether big or small who have used the products and services of Dell EMC have experienced an excellent change in their performance. The efficiency of the organizations have tend to increase due to the support that they get form the products and services offered by Dell EMC. Dell EMC is famous for providing a number of products. Each product has its own function and is as efficient as any other product available. So let us mention some of the category of the products that this company has to offer, although it sells a huge list of various products with purpose to serve the industry with good products.

  • Data storage devices
  • Virtualization – a phenomenon of creating virtual instead of actual in computing.
  • Cloud computing/Converged Infrastructure
  • Analytics
  • Information security
  • Archiving
  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • Content management
  • Security/Compliance
  • Information storage
  • Data computing

These above mentioned are the product categories that are being provided by Dell EMC to millions of their customers enabling themselves to build an excellent goodwill for their company. Along with these product categories, there are also a number of services that this company has to offer to their clients, these are mentioned below.

  • Education services
  • Managed services
  • Technology services and solutions
  • Customer support
  • Consulting
  • Virtustream Cloud services
  • Support services
  • Deployment services

By providing a number of products and services to their clients, Dell EMC makes sure that every type of client or organization whether high, medium or low scale could afford it. Dell EMC provides amazing financial services to their clients thereby showing a clear picture to them as to how they can acquire the essential hardware, software or services they need to run their business. As the purpose of the Dell EMC is to target every type of class so they make sure to develop an affordable payment plan for their clients.

As we have mentioned a number of products and services that Dell EMC has to offer, but now let us have a discussion over one main product that Dell EMC has to offer. This product is very efficient and high in quality, we will discuss some main points of this product that will give readers idea about what the product is, what it has to offer and whether it is worth buying or not.

Dell EMC VxRail E560:

Dell EMC VxRail E560 is a hyper converged appliance that is being designed to work on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, private clouds, remote offices/branch offices and all the distributed small and medium sized enterprises. The purpose of this device is storage, compute, network and virtualize all the resources in a single device. It includes VMware, VSAN, vSphere and vCenter software that is running on a commodity known as the white box server. This white box server can rival the memory, CPU and network connectivity of of any named brand server and can run major enterprise operating systems that includes Windows server and virtualization software very efficiently. The device has proved to be very helpful and efficient as being stated by majority of the clients who took this appliance. This is a very effective and flexible appliance that comes with a number of features in it like

  • It has the power of SAN in two rack units.
  • Provides centralized management.
  • It is suitable for a wide variety of applications and workload.
  • Devices are test and preconfigured.
  • Comes with different storage capacity options like 7.6TB, 11.4TB, 15.2TB, 19TB.
  • Comes with memory option of 256GB or 512GB.

By looking at the above mentioned features that this product has to offer, a client or an organization can easily choose to take this product and also decide how much memory and storage capacity they need according to their need.  Look specifically for part number SNSVxRailE560 for more details. A medium scaled organization can choose the storage capacity according to its need. Same like small and large scaled organizations know their limit and usage and can then decide accordingly that what kind of features they need in the product.


We can conclude our discussion by saying that Dell EMC is without any doubt one of the best companies that are working hard in providing high quality products and services to all the IT sectors in the world. The company has been striving to stay on top of their game for many decades and intend to remain the same in future too. The products and services that this company is providing are without any doubt of high quality and can help an organization to become more efficient. The best thing about this company that I think should be mentioned here is that they aim to target all kind of customers, whether high, medium or low they have products and services that any kind of class can afford. This makes it easy for even a small scale business to afford their products and services and do better. Hence we can say that Dell EMC can for sure be trusted in taking any types of hardware, software and other services.