Overview of Lenovo Products

Lenovo ThinkAgileLenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company that has been providing a number if IT products to its customers for 34 years. The company was founded on November 1, 1984 in Beijing China. The founder of this company is Liu Chuanzhi and the company operated worldwide with the aim of providing a number of products and services to millions of customers. The headquarters of this company are located in Beijing, China and Haidian District. With that the company also has factories located in Japan, Brazil, Germany and Mexico. Lenovo was able to acquire the IMB’s personal computer business in the year 2005 and was also able to take over their whole intel-based server business in the year 2014. This Chinese company works with the aim of providing high quality products to their customers not only in China but throughout the world. The products of Lenovo are being used worldwide and are very much popular among people. The number of employees of Lenovo Company are 54,000 and its subsidiaries are Medion, Motorola mobility and ZUK mobile. Now let us mention the product categories that Lenovo has to offer.

  • Smartphones
  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Netbooks
  • Super computers.
  • Peripherals
  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • Scanners
  • Storage devices

If we take a look at the above list, we are going to find a number of product categories that this company has to offer. This list is not a small list but a big one that not all the IT companies can provide. If we talk about smartphones, there is a huge variety among them that one can choose from. Same like there are a number of desktops for a user to choose from. If you are looking for high quality notebooks or tablets, Lenovo is there to help. Similarly what so ever IT product you want bet it a storage device or a scanner, a television or a super computer, Lenovo is the solution to all the problems by providing a variety of thousands of products to choose from. And it is not like the quality of any of the mentioned products are just average or good. Instead Lenovo makes sure that every product that they launch are of high quality and the features that they introduce in any product are fascinating. This quality of Lenovo makes this brand an excellent choice to millions of customers thereby leading this company to develop an excellent goodwill for themselves. Lenovo makes sure to provide 24 hours assistance to their customers. If you have bought a product from Lenovo and you are having difficulty using it, you just have to call on their customer support number and a customer representative will assist you and will try to find a solution to your problem. Every product comes with a warranty and if something happens to the product before the warranty expires, it is most likely that the defaulted product is replaced with a new one. In this way any inconvenience caused by this product to the customer is removed.

Being the one that provides a number of products, Lenovo has also managed to provide high quality services to its clients thereby enabling them to only focus on what they do the best and letting Lenovo provide their number of services like

  • Transition services.
  • Accidental damage protection.
  • Asset tagging.
  • Premier technical support.
  • Warranty support.

These are the high quality services that team Lenovo provides to their clients thereby letting them totally focus on their area of expertise. Lenovo is totally aware of the fact that there are millions of hackers out there who are always looking for ways to jeopardize the privacy of the data of any organization. Malware and ransomware are also a serious threats to any organization. That is why Lenovo is responsible for building security to every device. Our team tries to make sure that the devices are totally safe and help you stay safe throughout the life cycle of a PC. In this way Lenovo maintains its highest standards of providing services to their clients.

Now we are going to discuss one main product that the company has. We are going to discuss the features and specifications of the product that what it has to offer and what the product can do.

ThinkAgile HX2720 E Appliance:

Lenovo thinkAgile HX2720 E appliance is one of the appliances from the thinkAgile HX series that are designed for the purpose of simplifying IT infrastructure, reduce to overall cost and accelerate time to value. This appliance server is a four-node solution for a high volume network transaction processing. This type of appliance has found out to be perfect for such environment that demands a superior microprocessor performance, high manageability and input/output performance. It has a dual Intel Skylake processor 2.2 Ghz, 10-core Skylake 4114. It has a memory of 192 GB and has one 1 GbE port and a dual port Intel X550-T2 10G base-T adapter. The product is highly effective and very suitable for large scale organizations. The product 7X82CTO1WW comes with a 3 years warranty and also 24/7 assistance with Express License. Hence this appliance is a guarantee of amazing quality.


We can now come to a conclusion by saying that Lenovo products not only offers best and wide range of products to its customer but also the number of services that they provide make this company a favorable one. The company is recognized worldwide and according to a survey of 2017, Lenovo secured 100 position among best global brands. The company has also been listed as the one of the World’s most reputable companies by Reputation institute study. Bet it a laptop or a mobile, table or a notebook, servers or processors, scanners or printers, televisions or peripherals, Lenovo has it all and the quality of every product that Lenovo offers is so high that in the end the cost of buying any of the Lenovo product is totally worth it. Hence we can say that what so ever product we need regarding IT, Lenovo is a perfect solution to our IT needs.