Backlinks and Google Rankings

By | June 22, 2019

Web Development for SEOBacklinks?????

Backlinks are when someone links to your website from their site.

Why Backlinks play an essential role in SEO?

What is the purpose of Backlinks on your website?

These are some of the general questions that people ask when they come across SEO and Backlinks.

How would you explain the concept of Backlinks to a layman? Let us take an example.

Peter wants to buy a television. He visited his neighborhood market and found that there are around 15- 20 shops that sell the video. Peter either has to visit every shop to get an idea for the best shop, or he can ask other shop owners of that area about the shop. You will visit that shop whose name was taken by the majority of the people. Now, if a third person is also watching the entire proceedings, he will also assess that the shop whose name was taken by the majority will win and deserves a higher ranking.

SEO also works like this.

Backlinks are just connections from one website to another. It can be in the form of posts, articles, images, texts, or the person who is blogging and mentioning your website in his position.

Backlinks also determine how much Google trusts your website. Google sees your website and ranks your website’s relevance on a number and quality of Backlinks. Backlinks move your site up in the hierarchy like in a pyramid. This is the reason that the results that you are called as organic listings or natural results. There are two aspects of search engines entering these Backlinks. Onsite (full of keywords), so optimize your website to contain keywords. Offsite- This is where you work to create Backlinks to your website from other sources. These links to your site could be created in the form of articles, social media, blog posts, discussion boards, etc.

The more influential and genuine the website that links back to you, the more effect that Backlink from the site is going to have you in your search results.

SEO is super important for any website to rank on search. You can create only 5-10 Backlinks that too by going into highest authority domains. If you generate more than 10 Backlinks, Google will deindex you.

If I type a keyword and search it on Google, we will get different results. But if I create a Backlink to varying websites by sharing the link with their website or other websites, while posting they will include my link in their website.

Whenever Google searches my website, links start coming from different sites. So my chance of getting my site on a higher rank. SEO company near me will help in creating high-quality backlinks from genuine and top quality domains to increase organic traffic and the overall ranking of your website.

So always focus on the quality over quantity of the content if you want links. The number of connections

depends on the condition, and it’s awesomeness. Moreover, patience is needed along with constant work because link building does take time. So it is advisable to visit the SEO company near you who will advise and help you out with link building.

Last but not the least I would like to share a quote the objective is not to “make your links appear natural,” the purpose is that your links are natural.

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