A brief Introduction to Electric Scooter

electric-scooterElectric scooter is a type of a scooter that contains an electric battery which provides power to it. The electricity is provided by these electric batteries. An electric scooter is basically a two wheeled vehicle on which one or two person can easily travel. These electric scooters come in different styles, colors and quality. Now-a-days most of the electric scooters are powered with the help of a rechargeable battery. These rechargeable batteries make the duration of the electric scooters longer. Some of the early models of these electric scooters had nickel-metal hydride batteries in it. But now all the latest electric scooters have a lithium ion battery in it. These batteries last much longer than the previous ones. But with these batteries, there are also alternative batteries that can be used like sodium silicate battery, lead acid battery etc. Lithium ion battery turned out to be a good rechargeable battery for an electric scooter but in 2017, first vehicle named “The Expresso” which was a scooter used a new, latest Lithium Titanium Oxide battery that was totally non-flammable was driven in the US. This battery was much lighter and efficient as compared to the previous batteries. This battery had the quality of getting charged in just 10 minutes and could withstand 25000 charges which was pretty much impressive. This technology is still being used in China.

The best thing about these electric scooters is that they require a very little maintenance. You are free from the hassle of taking your electric scooter to a garage every month or two months. They have a longer brake pad life and thus we can say that no matter how many times you put your foot on the brakes, their quality won’t go down in a little while. This is also because a significant part of putting on the brake is also done by the electric motor instead of the mechanical fictional brakes that is why the brakes don’t go out of order this quickly.

Now if we talk about the fuel consumption of the electric scooters, we can gladly say that these scooters consume less fuel as compared to other two wheeled vehicles thus making this vehicle very much cost effective. Also there are many people out there who gets really annoyed by the noise that a vehicle makes whenever it is on the go. But all electric scooters have a very little noise which makes it really comfortable when someone rides in it. But then there is just one set back that this vehicle has to face and that is its range. Since these scooters have batteries that cannot store as much of the energy as a tank of gas. So its range is relatively less around 130 miles. But overall if we take a look at the features that these electric scooters provide, one can easily be convinced to buy these amazing noise free, less maintenance scooters. They are available in different styles and colors so choose the best one for yourself.