System Mechanic – Your PC Speed Maximizer

Introduction to your PC Speed Maximizer:

System mechanic is a unique innovation of Iolo technologies that is for sure the best thing that can happen to a personal computer. It is like a body guard as well as pc speed maximizer of your computer with so many features in it that can protect your computer from different types of security threats and improves your computers performance.
LiveBoost-PC Speed Maximizer The product is a patented technology and it works the best with windows 7, 8.1, 8, 10 and other versions of windows. This product has resulted in enhancing the performance of millions of PC’s thereby creating a goodwill for itself. Thousands of users have claimed this product to be the best thing that could have ever happened to their PC. Also this product is not something that has been launched by a company who has a very less experience in this field, instead iolo technologies has an experience of 20 years of PC performance innovation. This means that we can totally trust on this company to give us an excellent and useful product.

What this product has to offer:

The product has not just one or two things to offer to its client, but there are a number of features that this product has and can give your PC a better working experience. As we all are aware of the problems that we encounter whenever a heavy game is launched, a big portion of RAM gets occupied and this disrupts the performance of the PC. But if a PC has this amazing product installed in it, it will automatically increase/maximize the speed of your PC and would increase the availability of your PC’s RAM thereby removing any obstacle in your way. With that it also has a feature of removing bloatware and repairing problems. There comes a number of unwanted startup programs that launch itself making your PC go slow, but this product prevents that. It manages to identify all these unwanted bloatware and deal with it in real time. It uses live updates to find out different problems and repair them as soon as possible. There are also a number of other features like these that come with this product. Following are its detail.

  • It takes care of any obstacles that come in the way of the speed of the internet, means it automatically optimizes the hidden Windows internet settings thereby leading to faster downloading, streaming, less buffering and smoother gaming. This feature is a very interesting and helpful feature as it lets the internet work faster that everybody wants.
  • If you have a PC, you have a fear of privacy and its security. The data can be hacked and be misused. But this problem can be prevented if you have this product, the System Mechanic is responsible for swiping out all the sensitive browsing history and it looks out for any dangerous threats that can sabotage the performance of the PC.
  • It removes out different kinds of junk files that are always onto slowing down the speed of your PC and tries to make a proper space for your important data folders like movies, pictures, documents and other folders.

The product is available in different languages. After launching the product you can go in the menu section and choose your desire language so that you become able of understanding completely about the features it has.Multi Language Support

It also tells you the status of the system as good, when the PC is in good shape. Whenever a problem encounters, you get notified of it. In this way you always stay in the loop.

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Main feature of System Mechanic that makes it unique:

As we have discussed different features that come with the product. But there is this one feature that the product also has to offer which makes this whole product very unique. This peculiar feature is its two types of scans that comes with the product.

  • Quick scan.
  • Deep scan.

The product offers two types of scans, quick and deep. Both the scans are very useful but have a slight different function from one another. If you go for the quick scan then you must know that it is a subset of a deep scan and does half the work as of the deep scan. A quick scan takes less time and looks for the main issues and give out its recommendations as to how it can be dealt with. Quick ScanWhereas a deep scan takes more time and scans everything. It then gives a report and shows all the problems that have been found. A complete report of all the issues found and how much memory they have taken up is given in the report. Then a proper report as to how it can be dealt with is given. We call it recommendations. In this way, the PC gets rid of all the issues found.Deep Scan

How it provides automated care to the PC:

Now we are going to discuss how the product works, meaning how this amazing product provides automatic care to our PC. It has a number of features installed in it that make sure that the PC stays protected from any kinds of threats, viruses or malwares. Automatic PC Speed Maximizer and MaintenanceAs we all know that whenever a PC is idle, it becomes vulnerable to more problems and bugs. But this won’t happen under this product’s watch. This product has a more better and advanced feature of cleaning and repairing that leads to the removal of all unsafe clutters and bugs and it results in fixing more problems of your PC than have ever before. It is because of the new modernized interface that enables larger texts, user friendly menus and faster loading thereby making your PC experience better than ever.

Now let us discuss the three main features that are very important in the care of a PC.

  • Clean up – PC Total Cleaner
  • Speed up – PC Speed Maximizer
  • Protection – Best Safeguard

Above three mentioned features are responsible for taking care of the PC in a best possible way. Each feature works accordingly which leads to the best care of a PC. How the PC is cleaned up? Well when a PC has this product, it looks for all the junk files that are hiding in different folders or documents of a PC. It also wipes out the internet history, chat history, cache memory in order for the PC to stay protected from different types of security or privacy issues. That is how a cleanup is done. It accelerates the boot time by blocking all the bloatware that appears in the startup which automatically speeds up a PC performance. It also tries to protect the PC by permanently deleting all such unwanted and dangerous files that can cause harm to the PC. This process is done very safely so that no aftermaths are being faced. It also has a new privacy shield feature that lets you turn off the aggressive Windows personal data collection services which is otherwise very difficult or maybe impossible to disable.System Mechanics Toolbox

Customer Feedback:

Now it is time that we actually share some feedback that has been given by those people who have used this product. This will help others to decide whether the product is actually as good as we say.

  • Softonics have claimed that the system mechanic’s optimization is something that has become noticeable among many people and have a positive impact on PC’s performance.
  • A user Jerry W has claimed that he has bought the original system mechanic and that he was not sure at the time of buying whether it would have been upgraded or not. But it seems like after using the product, this man was totally amused and confessed that this product has gotten even better in performance.
  • A user named Mark J has happily mentioned that this system has become his first tech choice as it helps his PC to stay active, protected and fast running.
  • PC magazine has also mentioned about how much fond they are of this product and that if anyone’s PC has some serious problems in it then he must invest into Iolo’s system mechanic.
  • Arthur H claimed that “this product has saved him the cost of buying a new computer.” This clearly shows that how much good can this product bring to your PC.

After reading these reviews, any user who is looking for this kind of product can get convinced of its efficiency and performance and becomes willing to buy this product. The features that this product is providing is what makes this product unique from others. And if a user takes this product, there may be some features that require updates from iolo. After one year of the purchase, he is going to have to renew in order to keep getting benefit from these peculiar features.

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Concluding Remarks:

After carefully reading all the sections that this article has and also the reviews that the users have given, we can conclude our discussion with a view point that this product is for sure a very unique and efficient one that is a must have for all the PC’s out there. There isn’t any doubt in that if you have a PC you have a number of issues like security issues, privacy issues, cleaning, boost up, malware, viruses and many more that we are aware and unaware of. If there isn’t any kind of product that can solve these problems for a PC, then eventually a user is going to have to buy a new one. And we all know that it is not that easy to buy a new PC after regular intervals. So that is why the system mechanic is here which is to prevent any user from buying a PC after every regular intervals. This product has turned out to not only protect your Computers but also increases your computer’s performance thereby giving you a better experience at your PC. The number of benefits that come with this product are so much than you have bargained for. Having this product in your PC would give your PC a better life. So that is why we have this product available for all the PC’s out there which can act as a protective shield and save your PC from all types of threats and problems. So we can say that this product is totally worth buying.