Apple Accessories

By | March 11, 2019

As we know that Apple is among one of the most popular mobile companies in the whole world and their phones iPads, iPods are the items that are always selling like hot dogs. The joy and comfort that an iPhone gives to its users is beyond amazing. People crave for Apple phones. Though an iPhone itself is always on demand and some people envy those who have it. But with that iPhone also has a series of iPhone accessories including ultra slim iPhone case, wireless charging pad, tile and more that can make a user’s experience beyond his expectations. As Apple never fails to impress so let us discuss some of the accessories that if used with an iPhone can make you astounded.

Wireless Charging Pad:

Whatever the phone you have, at some point you always face the problem of low battery. In order to solve this problem Apple introduced wireless charging pads for their phones. The pad is suitable for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Though the charging pad is small but it is very durable and efficient and charges a phone in less than 2.5 hours. It also has a light that indicates the charging signal and its body is designed in a way that prevents the phone to slip away from the case.


Tile is also an amazing accessory introduced by Apple which is kind of a Bluetooth tracker. The tile can be put into any item that the user doesn’t want it to get lost. For example if you have your tile attached to your car keys and suddenly you realize that you are unable to find your car keys then you can instantly open the app on your phone and the app will make the tile make a sound that will help you find the keys. It gives the last location of the item on a map that makes it easy to find. Its range is up to 200 foot.

Tripod Stand:

Another important accessory that can be used with an iPhone is a tripod stand. This amazing tripod stand can be used to set your device in a landscape or a portrait one. The stand can be easily used to shoot videos. The best thing about the stand is that it can be folded easily and put into pocket and can be taken anywhere easily. Also the purpose of the three legs is to make it easy to find the perfect angle to set your iPhone.

Lightning audio plus charge Rock star:

This is a very interesting accessory also known as lightning port splitter whose purpose is to turn your lightning port into two. This will enable you to charge your phone and listen to the music at the same time. This is very helpful in the case where you have zero battery but you want to listen to music too, so the splitter easily enables you to do that at the same time. In this way your iPhone will not turn off due to low battery plus you get to keep listening to your music.

Flash Drive:

Though iPhones are amazing to use but there is always a problem of memory in it as 16GB memory is not very ideal for most of the users. For them we have an accessory named flash drive that will let you save your photos, videos and other files in it whenever you want to. It also give you an alternative backup method that doesn’t require any cable to connect. The best part of the accessory is that it’s pocket sized and can be taken easily anywhere.


Now we are going to discuss about a nominal but very useful accessory for an iPhone named as cardly. It is a small adhesive pocket that attaches itself to the back of the phone. It can be used to keep your identity card, credit cards, receipts and other small things easily. In this way all of your personal and important things stay safe and doesn’t get lost. This accessory is very cheap to buy but very handy. Each Cardly packet has two adhesive pockets in it one of which can be saved for a later use. Or you can even give it to your friend so that he can also use it.

Wireless Earsets:

Airpods can be a little too expensive for everyone to buy so to solve this problem we have an accessory named wireless ear sets that are perfect for iPhones. These wireless ear sets are designed in a way that enables you to set your speaker just inside the safe point of the ear so that you don’t damage your ear drums. These ear sets are extra ordinarily amazing and delivers high quality sound that makes your experience a best one.

Camera Lens Kit:

This amazing accessory is for all the people out there who loves to take photographs of themselves. It has five different lenses that attaches to your iPhone and gives you an amazing experience. It has a clip that is easily attached to any model of an iPhone. This is a very easy, cheap and extra way that can make your life a little more colorful.

ISNAP Selfie Stick:

This selfie stick is a wonderful accessory that will enable you to take a perfect picture with your loved ones. The stick has a Bluetooth remote control that helps you to take great selfies wherever you are and whenever you want to. It is a 7-ich long stich when closed but can be turned to a 31 inches long stick when extended. It has a secured silicone covered clamp which holds the phone tightly and prevents it from falling down. The selfie stick has a small button which is used to take pictures easily.

3D tempered glass screen protector:

IPhones are really expensive and valuable and one has to make sure that the screen of the phone stays scratch free. For iPhone display protection, we have 3D tempered glass screen protectors that are very strong and prevents any harm to the screen. The screen is scratch proof, easy to install, ultra-thin and long lasting. Once you have put on the protector on the screen, it will stay protected for a very long time. This accessory is very useful plus important to have and are also available at reasonable price.

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