Different Specializations in University of Illinois iMBA Program

The importance of getting an MBA is not something that any business student is unaware of. Most of the students after graduating starts to look for an MBA program. They know the importance of getting an MBA and how much good of an impact it can put to their resume. So getting an MBA has indeed become really important. But also with that every graduate also wish to do a job. But it seems like if he wishes to don an MBA then he must give up his job. But what if there is a way to do both things at the same time? Yes, the University of Illinois is offering an online iMBA program that is of so much value and also cheap as compared to an in-campus degree.  Here we are going to discuss about the online iMBA program, what is the duration of this program? What is the criteria to enter this program and what are the specializations in this program? Here we are going to discuss all these questions.

First let me tell you that the duration of this program is of 24 to 36 month, it has a number of courses in it totaling to 18 and also the mode of study is wholly online. Next we’ll discuss the criteria to get an admission in it. A student must have a GPA of 3 in the last two years of undergraduate and also he must have a three years managerial experience. They can also submit their GMAT or GRE test scores. And further there are some other requirements that a student must fulfill in order to get accepted.

Next we are going to discuss about the specializations that the program is offering. To be able to get an University of Illinois iMBA degree, a student must have to complete a total of 6 specializations. Among these 6 specializations, 4 are the core specializations and 2 are required from the area of focus. The core specializations are as follows.

These are the 4 core specializations that a student has to take. These core specializations will be taught online by top professors who have years of experience in this field and will try to make things easy for the students as much as they can. With these 4 core specializations, a student must also take 2 specializations from the area of their focus. So let us find out what are the names of these specializations.

Among these 3, a student must take 2. These 2 specializations along with the other 4 core specializations are the requirements of this online MBA program. There will be a number of projects included in this program too that a student must participate in. There will be a number of benefits that a student will get because this online MBA program is taken from different students all across the world and especially the majority of the students that enroll in this course are from the United States of America, which means that even though you are studying from home at your own ease, but you still get to connect with thousands of other students who are a part of this program. You can have discussion meetings with them, can help each other out in solving a particular problem and can teach one another as well. In this way, you can complete this program in a most convenient way.

Hence we can say that if any graduate is looking to do an online MBA that is equal in value to the one that is in-campus, then look no further because the iMBA program of the University of the Illinois is your answer. Not only this program is cheaper but is recognized too which means that it can easily add value to your CV and also each subject that is a part of this program is taught by world class professors who are not only excellent but have a lot of experience. Which means that your dream to become a MBA holder is just one step away from you. So think no more and get yourself enrolled in this program as soon as possible.