LambdaTest Review – The Best Cross Browser Testing Cloud

By | January 9, 2019

A good website should certainly have best features including user-friendly environment as well as faster processing clicks. However, for providing some best user experience, the web designer needs some essential tools for cross-checking as well as for necessary enhancements in the site. One of the first and foremost qualities of a website is it should be compatible with both desktops as well as mobile devices and in mobile both with ios as well as Android devices. In addition to that, software or a website based application must be bug-free and have a good loading speed to attract customers. All those developments and enhancements can be done by a single cloud-based platform called a LambdaTest.

LambdaTest is the best ever single integrated platform where the web owners and testers can perform every test related to their website with full confidence. In order to develop the best of the final outcome of the test, this platform contains every faster testing features.

Features of LambdaTest platform

  • Real-time interactive testing and regional UI testing features of LambdaTest platform are super beneficial in every aspect.
  • LambdaTest platform also includes screen share testing and responsive testing.
  • It can test web applications and software among 2000 web browsers as well as on multiple OS in different unique screen resolution.
  • For making a note of each test, you can take a screenshot after completion of every test and make sure of the compatibility of your web application.
  • Readily available options such as the dashboard, real-time test window, visual UI testing window, test logs, and integration facilities can make a website advanced in every category to its best.

Dashboard of LambdaTest

Any website or application can gain popularity with heavy traffic is it’s in the proper lane of development and advancements. These few of the enhancements that make the website better in every case is carried out by such cross browser testing tools. The final outcome after the various itinerary steps of testing and processing will give the ever of a web-based application that can not only get a massive line up of customers but also lead in the ranking card of the search engine.

Cross browser testing tools including in LambdaTest of a cloud platform can cross check the entered application with tons of other websites and browsers to make it compatible with all of them. This is basically a compatibility testing tool which not only checks but also modifies some features such as fast processing, enhancing the loading speed, compressing the size as well as simplifying the jumping process from one page to another. Moreover, testing tools like these are the reason for the occurrence of many websites with the same content but different data and all of them having good traffic as well as popularity.

How to use the LambdaTest?

There is no additional lengthy process to attain the testing process in this environment. All you have to do is follow simple steps to use this cloud-based testing platform.

  • Open the LambdaTest website and sign up using some basic details.
  • Create an account in the website with varying versions which also includes payable versions of many plans as well as a free version which is also known as a lite
  • The Lite version of LambdaTest can check and modify the web-based applications entered in the account as well as enhance some of its features to get the best results in the instance.
  • Make sure to choose the version as per the requirements of the projects to be tested in the website and clarify the results of every test done.

Pricing Plan of LambdaTest