Top 5 ways to increase sales with Social Proof

By | September 5, 2019

SalesThere are a number of ways that can help a business to increase their sales. A number of strategies are implemented in a variety of ways that result in increase of sales. But what is more interesting is that the number of sales can be increased with mere social proof. Yes this strategy to increase sales with social proof is in fact used by a large number of businesses. But first we need to understand what social proof is. A social proof can be considered as an influence that one people have on another one through their actions or selection. People love to notice what other people like to buy or eat or wear and if they find someone buying something that may seem charming to them then they are going to buy it as well. So we can say that a large number of sales can be increased with the help of social proof. Here is how it works.

1. By looking at some real-life social based examples:

To describe this example in its best version, consider a restaurant that is full of people and even more waiting in the lobby to get a table. Now for those who are passing by this restaurant would somehow think that this restaurant might be very famous that is why there is a lot of people here. So this influence here is added by one person to another and then another without even spending a single dime.

2. Social proof from existing customers:

Another tactic to increase your sales is by not forgetting your existing customers. Get a feedback from them through live interviews or by having them fill out a form for you and describe their experience with your product. Ask them to give a review about your services.

3. Influence through word of mouth:

According to WOMMA studies, it was found out that influence spread by word of mouth increases the reach and impact of paid media by 15%. People talking about one product, praising it, recommending it to other people thereby creates a circle where a lot of other people gets interested in taking that product too. Hence we can say that the impact that word of mouth has on other people is very strong and reliable.

4. By using business logos of those who use your business:

Another effective way to make people become interested in your business is to put up famous business logos to your website showing that they are your happy customers and that they enjoy your services. In this way, many people will come to know that your business is somehow giving other brands benefits and that they should take a look as well. This somehow puts a good image of your business in front of the viewers that your business is being like by popular websites.

4. Celebrity approval:

We love celebrities and if any brand is represented by a celebrity then this clearly means that the business is of a lot of value and has a standard. So depending on the nature of your business, a celebrity approval can really add value to your business.

By taking a look at the above mentioned ways, any business can increase their sales and take the revenue of their business to a high level. All you have to do is find the right social proof tactic according to your business and then move forward with it.