Benefits of Learning App Development with Angular5 and NodeJS

By | May 14, 2018

Learning how to develop a web or mobile app is tricky. You need to get hold of the right development framework and look for the universally popular and in use programming languages. With so many languages in the market, JavaScript is doing really great and so are the related frameworks. Angular 5 with its amazing front-end JS framework is renowned for its single-page application development while the Node JS is an open-source cross-platform JS run-time environment which offers amazing benefits to the developers.

The common thing in both that benefits the developers is the JavaScript language. It is easy to learn and is one of the essential building blocks through which you can add dynamic features to your application. The Magento development company abides by it which is why it hire Magento developer with a good know-how of the frameworks. Here are the top benefits that attract the developers for learning app development with angular 5 and node JS:

1. Exceptionally great technology and architecture

Both these frameworks are known for their amazing and robust technology stack. The tools and features they come packed with make the life of a developer a smooth run. With these frameworks, it becomes easy to add dynamic features to the app. The design architecture is quite simple and the programs are capable of managing the components of large applications.

Node JS, in this regard, according to the 2017 Node.js user survey report has gained popularity among 7 million users with an annual growth rate of 100%. With such amazing stats isn’t it obvious that Node JS framework is a must to use program. It is used for backend and delivers an amazing overall developer productivity. You can share codes, reuse them, experience amazing speed and performance, and enjoy playing with a lot of free tools.

2. Scalability and micro-services

If you are up for developing and deploying microservices solutions then learning the Node JS is your best resort. Martin Fowler and James Lewis described the suitability of its architecture by saying, “an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, often an HTTP resource API.” What are the benefits that it offers? Well, instead of investing in a large core, you can polish the smaller modules and enhance the flexibility. This creates a basis for further growth of the application.

The famous Walmart started using this architecture for microservices and the results are surprising. It ensured 20% conversion growth overnight and 98% mobile conversion growth. The Angular5, on the other hand, also offers higher scalability and the credit for this goes to the TypeScript language (a superset for JS) that it is written in. It keeps the code error-free and proves to be useful for the enterprise-scale applications.

3. You’ll get to enjoy the dependency injection feature

Another feature that you’ll get to enjoy while learning app development with these frameworks is the feature of dependency injection. People call it the pulse point of AngularJS framework. How does it help? Well, it allows you to decouple the actual components from their dependencies by running them along with each other. The separate tree created can be easily altered without reconfiguring the components. The plus point here is that this feature works great with single page application designs.

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4. Fast and event-based

Learning app development requires polishing your skills with the help of the best programming software. We vouch for angular5 and Node JS, both of which offer high performance and an amazing application packed with delightful features for the users. By learning these software, you can build useful event-based real-time applications. Node JS is your number one resort if you wish to build a solution for chat, video conference and online gaming app. The lightness of the program benefits the app performance and keeps the team together to make more advancement in the app. From the learning point of view, if you know how to run frontend JS then you can start programming the server side with Node JS with a minimum learning time. In order to master Angular5 and build awesome, reactive web applications, it’s highly recommended to take Angular5 (formely angular2) – the complete guide online course.

Same goes for the Angular JS program. The dependency injection feature and the Angular universal support boost the performance of the program making it easy to learn and beneficial to utilize.

5. Extensive uses of the frameworks

The benefit number five that we have portrays the multiple ways in which the frameworks are used. The Angular is best suited for handling the state of models and writing customer HTML codes. It manipulates the DOM and provides dynamic web pages. The Node JS, on the other hand, serves the web and simplifies the client requests. It is the perfect platform for building small size projects.

Both the programming frameworks come with a lot of benefits for the developers. Getting your hands set on the program that offers great benefits to both the client and the developer is the key to success in the present era.

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