The Climax on e-commerce and the Magento Vs WooCommerce

By | October 15, 2018

With the quickly changing technology across the world, e-commerce is becoming the best way to remain in business. Today you don’t have to build your own website in order to run an e-commerce as many platform are already available for you. When looking for an online store it good to work with an established and competitive one that will create a difference in your business.

Even though magento and woocommerce have been on the forefront when it comes e-commerce sites, there is a lot of difference and dynamics that exist between them. Depending on the needs of your business, you can therefore settle on the best platform as each already has the pros and cons of using them made clear.
Though both the magento and woocommerce are open source, below are some of the major comparisons that will create a difference on magento vs woocommerce. The nature of services offered under woocommerce are totally free hence an important option for those who are just getting started with e-commerce business. On the other hand magento offers both free and premium services at different charges for the package. You can therefore start a free package and upon establishment of the business you can upgrade to premium product and enjoy more advanced features.

When using woocommerce the whole package requires the owner to have their own web host. While in magento the free version that is also called the community version is set in a way that it’s self-hosted. Upgrading to the premium version of magento gives your more freedom and choice as the package includes hosting.
The usability of both magento and woocommerce also varies as woocommerce is more user friendly and very easy to use. On the other hand magento as a platform appears more complex and requires the user to have some basic knowledge on web development.

As the business continues to grow, the need to scale it up and make it bigger and better may arise. When looking at magento vs woocommerce in terms of scalability there is a lot to tell. The platform on woocommerce will have a lot of options to offer on growth without necessarily attaching it to the cost. Scalability on magento is different on the other hand when it is directly attached to cost and you must upgrade and enjoy.

The total cost on maintaining a woocommerce platform is therefore lower s compared to magento. Mode of operation on woocommerce is also seen to be supported majorly by WordPress including the theme. The diversity on magento has its theme based on the system design and packages that are bought. Though magento has a variety to offer on the descent themes available cost still controls them majorly.

With a variety of features and ability that are seen when looking into magento vs woocommerce you can never say one is the best. It’s therefore a personal decision when it comes to use of the use and choice of the platform. From the budget to the nature of e-commerce expected as the final result, you can weigh the outlined differences and get the best.