8 Tips for Creating a Perfect Homepage

By | September 18, 2018

Tips for Creating a Perfect Homepage


Remember what it’s like when people are preparing for a job interview? They get a clean haircut, make sure their teeth sparkle like the sun, put on their best suits—in a nutshell, they try hard to project the best first impression possible.

In practical terms, that’s what happens to your website homepage each time a new visitor comes calling, your business goes through an “assessment interview” similar to that of a job. People are assessing what they see, at first sight, formulating an opinion of you while determining whether it is worth knowing you more and doing business with you.

All of these depend on your homepage’s first impression. Does yours have a good first impression? A good question you need to ask yourself repeatedly.

Notwithstanding, as a digital marketing company in Australia, we are here to share vital elements on every homepage (including yours) should have to help you in realizing your marketing drive and overall business objectives.

1. Concise and precise headline

As a matter of importance, your website should be able to tell visitors within 3 seconds what the site is all about. To this end, try keeping your headline clear, short and simple. Declare fluff as your enemy. Doing otherwise might cause some visitors to quickly move on to another site—no one have time for irrelevant and overloaded information.

2. Including a sub-headline

This is one good thing every experienced digital marketing agency will advise you to do, as it further adds to and summarizes the content of the main headline. In this case, your sub-headline becomes brief the more in the description regarding the product you sell or the service you offer. Focus on a particular point of importance for your target audience. Don’t use jargons and say little about yourself.

3. Critical call-to-action

The primary goal of your homepage is to get people to delve deeper into your website from where you can lead them further down the funnel. In this case, you can include 3-4 call-to-action, especially up there at the fold responsible for directing people to different levels of the buying cycle.

4. Create links to social media

Any homepage that’s devoid of social media links can sure be likened to a towering mansion with no accessible roads. Sure, you would love that people follow and keep in contact with your business on your social media—a very effective way to keep loyal customers close by while wooing potential customers.

Therefore, on your homepage, choose a conventional and consistent place and place social media links where people can easily see them and make use of them when the need arises. Your header or footer are places you can place your social media links.

5. Easy Navigation

Homepage TemplateIf there is one thing that first-time visitors hate the most is a website that is hard to explore—nothing else can be more frustrating. Surely, you want potential visitors to arrive at your website and know exactly where they can find the information they’re looking for without feeling confused and disappointed.

Your homepage navigation process should be such that brings your customers typical behavior on your site to by way of bringing their most assessed pages to the forefront.

6. Supporting Image or Video

A picture they say is worth more than a thousand words, and this much is true in the inbound marketing where lots of people are visual. So make sure to upload and use an image vividly defines what you are offering. You can even make use of a short video as well. However, using images is preferable since some people might just not have the time to watch a video, no matter how short.

Endeavor to use images that aptly capture emotions and bring about a reaction or action.  Avoid using stock photos.

7. Customers testimonials

Findings have shown that about 79% of buyers trust online reviews and testimonials based on individual recommendations from peers or friends. Therefore, if your business or company has positive and outstanding reviews from previous clients or current customers, waste no time to capitalize on them!

Allow your potential and invaluable customers to believe you’re not just bragging about your achievements. Testimonials are trust-building elements and it’s good to let people know they can feel relaxed and confident in choosing you.

8. High-Quality Content Offer

If you are truly concern about generating more leads via your homepage, then creates and features a compelling content offer. The content should be eye-catching, and this can be an ebook, a whitepaper, or guide.


Inbound marketing is all about attraction and you can only become attractive when you are looking good – using the right tools and strategy, only the sky can be your limit.