How is ASP.NET Core an ideal platform for Building Real-World Applications?

By | May 4, 2018

ASP.NET Core Application DevelopmentIt is no surprise that the trend of developing applications and using the advanced technologies and platforms to do so is on the rise. In such a competitive era, developers are eager to use the best programming platforms and presently it is the ASP.NET core framework that the majority supports. The ASP.NET core is the next amazing version of ASP.NET designed and developed by the Microsoft to deploy real-world web applications. One thing that differentiates them both is the use of open source technology in the former latest version of the program. The framework of the ASP.NET core brings together previously separated ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API as a single programming model.

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Its success is seen in its maximum use by the developers and here is how it is an ideal platform for building real-world applications:

    • Open source and cloud-ready framework
      Open Source ASP.NET CoreThe advanced and extensive features of the .NET core are what bring it to the top. The fact that it is the free and an open-source platform makes it easy for the developers to understand it better. At one point in developing an application, the developer thinks about what codes are used to deliver a specific function, right? With ASP.NET core you can satisfy your query and visit GitHub where the entire code of the framework is available. This, along with other tooling is what simplifies the process of modern web development.The cloud management services have been ruling the world for a long time now. Thus, Microsoft has considered the benefits of using it deeply and has developed its ASP.NET core as a ‘cloud-ready, environment based configuration system’ (described in these words by Microsoft itself). Hosting applications using it is easy as well. You can either self-host in your own process or host it on IIS, Docker, Apache, and Nginx.

    • Command line application (dotnet.exe)

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      Magento development outsource freelancers support the tricks and techniques that can help them speed up their task. As Magento itself is a huge e-commerce website developing platform, it knows what it takes to attract the developers to build their website via their program. Microsoft has used the same tricks to make sure they get maximum users. It offers a command line support for different platforms. How is this beneficial? Well, it allows you to create/ execute/ host a new application on Windows, Linux, and Mac using a single command line. Wondering what these command lines are? Here, let us smooth your experience further:$ Dotnet new
      $ Dotnet restore
      $ Dotnet build
      $ Dotnet run

  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection
    The feature number three that makes ASP.NET core an ideal choice for our purpose is the fact that the developers have addressed the uprising security issue in their framework. Certain security attacks are such that once you have authenticated your user account, via hijacking; it is used to carry out a task that you did not initiate in the first place. Incidents of such security breaches are all over the web. Thus, to make the real-world applications a safe place for the users, Microsoft has released the cross-site request forgery protection to strengthen their framework and avoid such attacks.

  • Asynchronous via async/ await
    The asynchronous programming patterns are used to enhance the performance of a framework ensuring that it works faster. The ASP.NET core supports this extensive use of asynchronous patterns which is why it offers speed to the developed applications. The Async code is now integrated into almost all .NET framework classes and third-party libraries to deliver quality benefits.
  • Cross-platform support with high performance
    Next in line is the high performance delivered by this free and open-source framework. Hire Magento developer and he would be able to run the program to design a perfect application for you. The ASP.NET core is that easy to use. The software is lightweight and delivers great performance as it utilizes the modular HTTP request pipeline. When it comes to coding, the technology used to bring together this framework automatically optimizes and compiles the code for easy use.Another feature that makes it suitable for developing web applications is that it offers cross-platform support. This allows the business companies to gain more reach on other platforms. The applications that you build using this framework are easily deployed on Microsoft, Linux, and MacOS.

  • Built-in dependency injection
    This is another great feature that the new .NET core comes with – a built-in dependency injection. It allows loose coupling between the objects and their collaborations. It is a feature of ASP.NET MVC as well. Through this, the logging contexts and database contexts are passed to the MVC controllers.

In our above discussion, we have highlighted the six major upgraded features of the ASP.NET core that enhance the performance of the applications and make them suitable for the recent competitive market. It comes with a lot more other features that help in designing the best real-world applications.

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