Top 5 AngularJS Mobile Web App Frameworks in 2018

By | March 26, 2018

AngularJS Mobile App Development FrameworksFront-end development in the past has been primarily just a way for user interaction. Actual data processing and logic implementation are done at the back end by the use of complex Server-side technologies and languages. The current trend is to combine both front-end and server-side processing into a single framework. With its powerful set of libraries and highly responsive database interactions, AngularJS is the perfect language for achieving this. After becoming a dominating choice, AngularJS is now conquering the mobile app development world with multiple AngularJS Mobile Web App Frameworks. The requirement for stable and secure mobile web app development is growing at a fast pace and AngularJS Mobile Web App Frameworks caters to these needs very well. There are many AngularJS Mobile Web App Frameworks that developers can count upon. The top five picks out of them are given below:

1.     Mobile Angular UI:

Bootstrap and Angular are two of the most reliable tools to build a featurepacked application that is pleasant to the eye as well as to the technical architecture. Mobile Angular UI combines both of them to create a powerful framework that mobile app developers can exploit in order to build applications that stand apart from the crowd.

Mobile Angular UI combines some essential libraries and easy scripting to aid the developer in creating classy and user-friendly applications. It includes libraries like fastclick.js, which helps in eliminating the lag between a mobile tap and the related action performed and overthrow.js that interpret the overflow in CSS to the requesting browser and screen resolution. Thanks to the developer-friendly syntax of Bootstrap, a user can transport a desktop web application into an Angularjs mobile app development project with utmost ease. Assisting the developer with elements like switches, overlays, sidebars, etc. Mobile Angular UI is a leading shareholder in mobile app development trends.

2.     Ionic:

In a world where everything revolving around the internet, Ionic is proving to be a very strong leader as a front-end framework. Ionic encapsulates AngularJS as its core and provides many distinct features to develop efficient cross-platform mobile applications. It also supplements the developer with a complete SDK to develop, test and deploy their applications.

Built with the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model, Ionic is an open source tool that enables developers to build applications running across all major mobile platforms. Ionic also supports CLI (Command Line Interface) based development and deployment. It specializes in applications built for touch sensitive devices and is thus supremely favored over other angularjs mobile app development frameworks.

3.     Kendo UI:

Kendo UI is an extremely versatile framework that builds its structure on three major UI development players namely Angular, Bootstrap and jQuery. With the inclusion of these, Angularjs mobile app development frameworks and many other in-house functionalities, Kendo UI is leading the way in mobile app development trends.

Kendo UI makes use of HTML5 and CSS3, which are the base for a sophisticated and dynamic client facing web application, along with Angular, Bootstrap and jQuery to handle complex business logic and data interpretation. The addition of drag and drop 40+ commonly used widgets makes designing highly professional applications kids’ play. Readily available templates provide a great head start to budding developers and expand the horizon of any business idea.

4.     lumX:

Meeting Google standards for a web application is a definite statement. LumX takes a web app one-step closer to match these standards by constructing its framework on Google Material Design. This helps the developer to keep up with the high stakes of Google guidelines. LumX complements intricate client functionalities with simplistic designs.

Mobile Web app development is facilitated by LumX through AngularJS and Bootstrap. This gives applications built on LumX a great edge in terms of performance and end-user experience. It leverages the MVC (Model View Controller) and SaaS design patterns to deliver beautiful and easily customizable applications. Application performance is never a concern, thanks to jQuery libraries included in LumX. Though still growing, LumX is rapidly gaining popularity amongst the mobile web app development frameworks.

5.     UI Bootstrap:

Bootstrap proves its worth in developing revolutionary Client facing desktop applications and Angular UI Bootstrap is gaining traction in the mobile app development trends. Angular is a directive-based framework and UI Bootstrap inherits this into its mobile development framework as well. The usage of directives enables developers to build comprehensive applications and is a humongous advantage for web and mobile developers alike.

With the help of Angular directives, the developer can also define their own templates, which can be inherited into any new application that he wishes to build. In-built directives of Angular like a date picker, drop-down, buttons and alerts assist in solutions for complex specifications. UI Bootstrap supplies a cohesive repository of popular technologies like AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS, Angular-animate and Angular-touch and has no boundaries to what a mobile app developer can achieve.


The internet is a complex interconnection of data collected every single moment and mobiles are a dominant source of that information. This demands the continuous evolution of technology that can facilitate applications to collect and supply data, with maximum security and reliability. AngularJS has proven its capabilities in the web world and is already spreading its wings to fly high in the mobile app development frameworks with no signs of slowing down.

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