Top Points to Consider for Perfect Web Design

By | November 24, 2017
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Web DesignAre you planning on having your own personal website and you plan on designing it all by yourself? With your own website, you get to showcase your talents and work to the world. People get to know you and contact after they visit a site that you own.

So, you will need to inspire and attract the attention of the web viewers from all around the world, with your unique and creative web design. Even freelancers and businessmen know the importance of having their own website and designing it. Prospective buyers and clients out there tend to hire you based on your website and web designs. Without a website and the perfect web design, you lose all those amazing opportunities to grow your business potential and climb the ladder to success.

Well, we offer you some of the top points to consider to bring that perfect web design on your website, read on to know more about them:

1. Logo

The logo is the very first thing that captures the attention of a viewer as well as proactive clients. So, the logo plays a vital role in one’s business. Always put your logo towards the top left of your website. This way viewers get to easily identify who is the owner of the website when they visit the site. They also get to be charmed by the creativity, ideas and the uniqueness of your business or its establishment.

You can either put in your name or the name of your company. However, if you are planning on promoting your business through your name, then it is ideal that your logo goes by your name. Another important point here is to always make sure that your logo is linked to your homepage. This is kind of a convention that is expected by online viewers.

2. Tagline

Once the viewer gets an idea as to who the owner of the website is, then they will want to know all that you do as well as talents, skills, and creativity. All this comes a long way in taking you and your business to success. All of this will be showcased in your tagline. During the creation of a tagline, you should make sure that it is kept short and sweet, along with a short summary of all that you do.

3. Portfolio

When designing your own website, you will also have to keep space for a small niche of your portfolio. This portfolio will indicate to your viewers as to whether the website is interesting or not. It is based on this portfolio, that the viewers and prospective clients will move on to the other parts of the website.

This portfolio should contain your talents as well as a showcase of all of your previous works and projects that were undertaken and successful in the previous years. Also, make sure that the portfolio and the web designs on it are kept interesting with high-quality images which are easily viewable and accessible to the online viewers.

At the end of the image, make sure that there is a link which takes the viewer to the live website versions and the previous work.  Make it even more interesting by adding testimonials of your previous works, from your clients. You can also add the various stages of development of the projects which are currently being handled.

4. Services

Sum up a list of services that you offer, along with a small niche of the designed web page. You can also add details of each and every service that you offer. Make sure that your viewers and clients know what kind of services you are offering them. Instead of them just wondering whether you are offering a particular service or not.

Make it clear to them and state precisely what areas and under what fields your services are covered.

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5. About Me

About me, the section is one important part of your website. Users always come to this section when they visit the site to know about the owner of the website.

Make sure that this area states all the things and work areas about you. Let the viewers see the real talent that they have read about and came to know about all along. Give them crispy details of your background and from where you hail.

You can also share with them how many years of experience you have in the field. With this, your clients get to trust you even better. In this way, your designed web page will appear even more alluring and tantalizing pulling in the viewer’s attention to read more and more about you and your business.

You can also add a picture of your self to show to the world who exactly they are dealing with. This adds trust and belief on the part of clients and viewers when they view your website.

6. Show off your awards and achievements

Another major point in perfecting your web page design is to show off any sort of awards that you have won in your business and career as well as proofs of your achievements and successes.

By this you want the world to know that you are actually telling the truth and you have proofs of your talents and skills.

7. Contact us

The most important pointer for the completion of the perfect and well-designed website is to add your contact number, address, and email id to it, so people can easily get in touch with you when they visit the site. The contact number should be added to a separate niche, one that is eye catchy and easy to view and access. Same applies to the email id as well.

These contact details are necessary so that your viewers can contact you via these contact numbers, address and email ids, if they are really a huge fan of your work and want to connect with you.

Final Say

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Author Bio:

Koushal S., a marketing expert, loves to help individual businesses, SMEs and online brands to to increase their visibility. He works for 6S Digital Marketing Solutions, a creative content marketing company as a marketing enthusiastic to cater their client’s marketing requirement.

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