The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 – Review

By | April 17, 2017

Increasing demand for web developers with attractive salaries and flexibility geographical locations makes it an attractive profession. As per, location-wise employment trends are ranked by % growth for web developers.

Demand for web developers is expected to increase by various types of companies across different states of U.S as follows (We can see that demand is increasing in almost all US states for web developers till 2024 with an average of 26.6% overall) : Web Developers Jobs Trend

Although demand for web development in each area is increasing but full stack web developers will definitely get more opportunities as compared to front-end and back-end web developer. Following is Job trend from for Full Stack Web Developer.Full Stack Web Developer

Web development is a very vast area and there are a lot of things to learn for and we keep learning as we move forward in web development. Sometimes new frameworks, sometimes new language updates and so on. Good thing about this course is it covers almost all important areas and make you a full stack developer.

Following key skills related to web development is covered in this Online Course:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • APIs
  • Mobile Apps
  • WordPress
  • and more…

We’ll strongly recommend to take an Online Course by Rob Percival that covers almost each and every concept related to web development. We have given a detailed review of this course below for our readers but just wanted to highlight some points:

Before going into details, let’s highlight few key points about this Course:

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Most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is NO RISK. If you didn’t like this Full Stack Web Development Online Course, you can refund your money back within 30 days of purchase.


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Introduction to Full Stack Web Developer Online Course

This Course, as the name suggests Complete Web Developer Course, contains all the technology lectures in depth which are needed for web development. This course is about development of a complete web application that includes front end development, backend development and database as well. If one wants to learn web development then no better place than taking this course since it will take you through end to end web development.Complete Web Developer Course

Best thing about this course is that although it seems a lot of things covered in this and this might seem lengthy but believe me these are bare minimal things that one must learn if wanted to start web development. This course starts with the frontend backbone HTML5 and covers till the database part as well. Couple of cool things to learn in this course apart of most essential and mandatory parts is BootStrap, Python.

I have never seen any web development course that provides lectures on these parts. Most of the time the web development courses are limited to HTML, CSS and PHP and may be somewhere you can find javascript or jquery as well. Python is really cool language to learn for and it is not touched upon, this course has good explanation about Python, the same goes for BootStrap as well.

When developing some web applications there are requirements like to show the map on the webpage, let say for address only, a very basic one, or show the weather on page. You will find how to integrate these all in the API section of the course.

Who is this Online Course for?

  • Well anyone who is interested in learning web development can take this course.
  • One who is already in web development also can take this course since there are really good things covered in this course that are Bootstrap, Python, API’s.
  • Prior knowledge always helps one have, but this course has the latest technologies involved which make us up to date with market.
  • If you want to learn end to end web development then go ahead and take this course.

How you use yourself?

  • When we take any course and if is a software development or a web development or application development, the foremost thing is to understand the in-depth concept of the language or platform on which the course is. Which this course provides before starting the real coding stuff.
  • Secondly, see the course is designed in such a fantastic way that at the end you will end up in learning the complete web development that will include front-end as well the back end as well.
  • When you are taking this course I would suggest you to keep practicing the concepts that you are learning and start writing code around it, either it is HTML try creating a simple HTML Form, apply CSS to beaufity it, have PHP plugged in it. Create database schema and try to create an end to end small web application. Try one with PHP + BootStrap as well.
  • Although the course has very good examples of code with each and every topic but keep writing more and more code around the concept on which you are currently learning. So whenever learning a topic with the tutorial keep writing code around it and target a simple complete web application that you are going to develop after learning this course and write code around it with each relative topic of the course.Take-This-Course

Online Course Topic Details:

So let’s start talking about the course content one by one.

  • This course starts from HTML5, needless to say the most essential language to develop front end, this course covers HTML5, which is the latest version of HTML.
  • Once you will be done by learning HTML5, and start developing HTML pages, there you will think about beautification of webpage and placing the contents of webpage on right places and so on. Here CSS will come into picture, which is next step to learn with this tutorial series. Good thing about this tutorial is that this tutorial contains CSS3 in the course content which is again the latest version which is great to learn for and start with the latest version.
  • JQuery and JavaScript are comes into play when you deal with html forms and so, this course has very detailed lectures about these two technologies as well.
  • Moving forward to BootStrap4, which is most famous framework for building responsive web applications, again the beauty of this series is that, it includes BootStrap4 which is again the latest and always a positive impact on learning and profile as well, when one starts with the latest version of a framework.
  • WordPress that is open source CMS (content management system) which is developed in PHP as a base language is a very efficient for blog creation and web application development.
  • Next thing to learn with this tutorial is PHP, which is very powerful scripting language for developing from a very simple to very complex web application. PHP is very popular in web application development world, since it is not very difficult to learn, but you can on board yourself as a PHP developer very soon.
  • Once you will be done from PHP, next thing to learn is mysql database server, where you will learn how to create DB’s, tables and how to connect your application to mysql, performing CRUD operations and all.
  • Till here if you keep developing and practicing every concept, you will be able to create a simple web application by your own. That can have HTML,CSS, PHP, MYSQL or it can be using BootStrap, PHP, MYSQL. Again I would like to add is keep practicing the concepts, write more and more code.
  • Next thing to learn after this is API’s, you may need to add the google map in your web application, google provides API’s for that but how to use these API’s and how to embed these API’s with your application that you will learn in this section. Pretty useful section and useful topic to learn for.
  • Now what all we will talk next are a bonus, a real bonus. Python, which is an object oriented programming language with dynamic semantics. It’s really fantastic to write code in python if you know the syntax and semantics. This course covers just not only basic concepts of python but also at some extent good deep down on the concepts that we need to know. Overall this course is a complete package for one who really want to learn web development.

Taking this Online Course:

Once you complete this course you will find yourself as a developer who will be able to create an end to end complete web application. You will be able to know and easily write the HTML codes, CSS stylesheets, PHP code and you will be easily develop some really cool web application using these languages. See logic is something that no one can teach you but if you can place the right programming logic at the right place after learning the concepts then you will be very easily create web application by your own one after another.

How to best utilize this Online Course:

  • To best utilize this course as I talked in previous sections is to start writing code in parallel.
  • Have an complete web application with will be simple not necessarily complex in mind and start development around it, like a simple web application like library management, where you will have to add, update, delete book records.
  • Have a structure of the web pages which this application will have, in mind and when you are learning the concept, try to utilize the concept and start writing code.
  • Writing much and more code that will make you comfortable with HTML, CSS, PHP and you will also know what you are writing and what will happen when you will run this piece of code.
  • Each and every concept explained in this course has its own importance and one not miss any of the concepts and try to grasp as much as you can.
  • The video tutorial series has more than enough that you need to know about web development but practicing is one thing that makes you aware of the concepts very well and the much you will practice with the course the more you will find yourself comfortable in as a web developer.

Any downside/disadvantages of Online Course:

I don’t foresee any disadvantages with this Web Development Tutorial, and learning new things never have any disadvantages. Even I am really impressed the content and knowledge of author. Also there are no less but more things in this course to learn, like I kept talking Python, API’s and all.

I believe adding AngularJs would make this course more helpful but undoubtedly, it’s another huge area. You can follow for Angular 4 (formerly Angular 2) – A Complete Guide.

Summary/Closing Notes:

At the end I would say if one really want to get into web development then take this course. This course will take you through each and every concept in very much detail and in very refined manner of explanation. Learn each and every concept well and practice these concepts, keep writing code, that will give you the confidence, which you can encash creating really cool and complex web applications.Take-This-Course

Happy Learning…