Some of the Essential features and applications of HTML5

By | April 25, 2016

HTML5 is the latest and powerful set of technologies that allow web developers and programmers to build highly-interactive and quality web based mobile apps from the scratch. It has become a significant aspect of our web development industry. It comes packaged with tons of advanced features that not only help users have a unique and user-friendly web app performance but also embeds new functions to make it more flexible and reliable.

Now, web developers enjoy developing complex and feature-rich web-based applications that are scalable and accessible as well. In fact, experts believe that HTML5 technology is going to play a pivotal role in the coming years. And this will boost the growth of HTML5 technology as more and more developers demand this advanced web development tool.
With that concept in mind, we bring you some of the essential features and applications of this cutting-edge HTML5 technology.

But before this, let’s get down and understand the meaning of HTML5 technology.

Meaning of HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML. It is a markup language used to structure and display content of a site beautifully on the World Wide Web. This latest technology is a predecessor of HTML4, XHTML, and DOM.Meaning of HTML5

Nowadays, most of the browsers are upgrading themselves to support its high-standards. Therefore, it becomes imperative to improve the languages for the latest multimedia while keeping the other things accessible and readable.

Furthermore, HTML5 introduced innovative ways for organizations to interact and connect with their web customers with an engaging way. The use of audio and visual presentation in the web pages can help you get more visitors towards your web based app or site.

There are other resourceful features associated with the HTML5 technology that will handle your multimedia and graphical content beautifully.

Features of HTML5

1. Ease to Use

Most of the web users find difficulties to access or use the website due its complicated web design. But the HTML5 technology solves this problem by creating user-friendly web pages and applications that are available to everyone. It means a robust website or a web-based mobile app can have an incredible design and enhanced user-experience.Features of HTML5

With the use of HTML5, web developers are building interactive and dynamic web projects.

2. Add Audio and Video

In the technological era, Audio and video have become an influential part of a communication system in the business sector. Many of the business organizations are making the use of audio-visual presentation to represent their brand, convey their message and establish a unique identity across the nation.

With the use of HTML5 technology, developers make high-quality audio and video content accessible, without using any third party media players. They can easily use the HTML5 <audio> and <video> tags to make the content available on multiple devices.

In fact, they can easily tweak the video clips by defining the tag’s attributes such as height, width, source and autoplay. Even, the visitor can easily access the multimedia content without draining the batteries of their advanced mobile phones or tablets.

This feature of HTML5 enables browsers to play audio and video files natively. You no need to use a plugin like Flash or JAVA for making your audio video file accessible.

3. Promotes Interactivity

A visitor attracts to a site that conveys their message conveniently and swiftly. So, here the responsibility of the developers is to add such elements that boost interactivity of a website. They can add stream video, fluid animations, Social media buttons, play music, and a much more into the website.

Without the use of HTML5, they have to integrate the Flash or Silverlight to make their content accessible. But these elements take a lot of development time and also increase the complexity of the web app.

But after the introduction of HTML5 technology, it becomes easy to embed audio and video, high-quality charts, animations and drawing into the website or web app. The functionality minimizes the requirement of third party tools and plugins.

4. Cost-effective

For small businesses who look for an affordable way to deploy their web-based apps and sites, HTML5 is an ideal option for them. This technology not only simplifies the deployment procedure but also reduces the cost of designing and development of a web project. Plus, it comes with multiple online marketing tools to let you promote your site or app, without any third party plugins.

5. Storage capacity

It is one of the biggest features of HTML5 technology. It lets you store the data locally on your machine. It offers larger and reliable initial local storage (around 5MB per domain), limitless session storage (restricted only by system resources) and favorably partitions local and session storage. This results that only the data you want to store is persisted in local. There are other benefits associated with HTML5 storage capacity:

  • Speed up display times
  • Minimize network traffic
  • Hold back work loss from network disconnects
  • Save temporary state

Overall, HTML5 is incredible and offers an extensive bunch of features to make the life of web developers easy and to cater the needs of web users efficiently.

Below is the list of best HTML5-powered sites/applications:
Ba Ba Dum

Ba Ba Dum is a great example of HTML-powered websites. It is a “play and learn” site featuring five different types of games that work in fifteen languages.

A website looks visually appealing. It contains intriguing graphic design, illustrations, and typography. It simply uses hand-drawn sketches that have been converted to vector illustrations.

Ba Ba Dum is an amazing site that displays HTML5’s robust effect features, particularly its interactions and animations.

Legwork Studio

Legwork Studio is a well-recognized studio based in Denver. This site makes heavy use of HTML5 technology. It has also taken advantage of some of the HTML5’s semantic components.

The design and 3d animated movies integrated into the site look amazing and engaging. It is interspersed with Vimeo videos and also used some JS animations.

Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis is a leading brand of superior-quality of watches. The site of Roger Dubuis uses a host of HTML5 features to make it more beautiful and engaging. It gives a rich user experience to the visitors.

With the HTML5 audio and video integration, the site’s History API is utilized to offer a fluid navigation via pages without reloading the page over and over again.

End Note:

In this blog post, we explored the key features of the HTML5 technology that will help web developers to build interactive, beautiful, quality and responsive sites and applications with ease.

Later on, we mentioned three best HTML5-powered sites/applications that are the perfect example of new-age web development projects.
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Maggie is a html Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Markuphq Ltd., which is an expert in convert psd to html to global clients. Connect with her on Google+ and Twitter.

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