What Is So Special About LimeJS Framework?

By | March 11, 2016

LimeJS is defined as one of the highly renowned gaming application that is developed with JavaScript framework to encourage designers develop and design HTML5 based gaming applications. Games that are developed using LimeJS framework don’t require any special programming features, or any other extra software installation techniques to run your LimeJS based gaming apps. Current version of LimeJS supports all types of HTML5 enabled browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even Opera.

LimeJS Framework

LimeJS based Game Applications

Digital Fruit which is a state-of- art website development company as well as software development company, has developed numerous of LimeJS gaming applications that uses HTML coding styles. LimeJS is developed in such a way that it can be used on any device, and especially on touch screens devices such as iOS and Android devices. LimeJS’s objective is very clear and basic. It works with a simple approach to design highly appealing and eye-striking gaming app experience without bothering much about its inner functionalities.

But have you ever given a thought that “Is HTML5 the future of gaming application”?

Well, Google’s Eric Schmidt is entirely agreed upon the fact that HTML5 in the end, will definitely take place of all the applications. As technology advances, developers are getting more and more aware of various latest updates on HTML5, and these updates encourage developers to work with HTML5 in more advanced ways by developing eye-striking HTML5 applications, and especially when it comes to discuss about developing HTML5 gaming applications, where you often need to work with LimeJS framework.HTML5 & LimeJS Framework
Primary motive is to compose it once, and have it accessible from anywhere and any-time. But still gaming apps development with the help of HTML5 is still not an easy process to go ahead with as we consider it to be, because it comprises of large number of methodologies and numerous number of advanced apps development features to work with. This is the only thing that we need to work upon, and that is why we prefer working with LimeJS gaming apps when it comes to develop advanced level gaming applications.

It is believed that HTML5 is remarkably an innovative mark-up language that is used for portable as well as developing desktop gaming applications. That is the reason why ample amount of time is spent on working with LimeJS framework to develop application that results highly optimized output to users in terms of gaming apps development process. Developers just need to put their appropriate efforts to work with LimeJS framework to make best use of it. HTML5 can be efficiently utilized to develop games by accomplishing an exceptional user experience approach. At last, that is the only thing that truly matters about any gaming application to decide whether your developed gaming application will be on the topmost count or it will fall flat?Microsoft Certification Exams: 70-480

Next section, will discuss about various advantages of HTML5 mark-up language and LimeJS framework. So, here are few features that will help you to know more about HTML5 mark-up language. Let’s look at those points:

  • Solid backing of business sector pioneers
    HTML5 is pushed by huge number of organizations such as Google, Facebook and Apple. So, it won’t vanish at any point of time as well as in near future, and as a matter of fact that it will acquire more and more backing after some time. All real programming vendors(including Microsoft), consider HTML5 as their greatest objective. Edge and HP(Palm) have made Javascript as a definite path for making native mobile applications for their mobile devices.
  • You definitely know how to utilize it
    Generally speaking, web development and JavaScript skill-sets are additionally much easier to take your work into next higher level, and is more demanding as compared to any other native application developments. But, expected expenses are comparatively less and is much easy to deal with.
  • Cross platform features
    In case, if you’re willing to make native mobile applications, then you definitely need to start working with the basics of iOS and Android applications. That implies two entirely distinctive dialects: Objective C and Java. Every real portable and desktop devices are secured. Numerous number of advanced mobile device programs are well supported with HTML5 mark-up language.  Facebook additionally on the other hand is highly promising social networking platform that will easily get accustomed into HTML5 gaming application features.
  • Dynamic distribution process
    Dynamic Distribution Process - LimeJSThis is where HTML5 truly shines in a manner that it is highly acceptable to change all the contents as and when needed without bothering much about any extensive approval process from Market/AppStore.
  • Expedition of improvement
    If we compare HTML5 gaming apps improvement with LimeJS, then you will see that it truly exceeds our expectations in a manner that it significantly takes less amount of time to get it renowned in business sectors.
  • Discretionary installation process
    HTML5 applications can be distributed to anyone without the permission of any Market/AppStore. Clients are not required to introduce anything, rather all they need is to use cutting edge HTML5 skilled programming features.


Now it’s your turn to move ahead with the creation process of LimeJS gaming applications. So, go ahead and create your game with the help of LimeJS framework. We will continue our discussion on LimeJS gaming apps development features, and equally expect you guys to add your small share regarding LimeJS gaming apps development discussions.
Well, last but not the least, our various unique guest-posts on LimeJS will keep you updated about new releases, developments, bug fixes, new tutorials and resources.

Author Bio:

Sarah Parker is a technical developer and writer in Markupcloud Ltd. She is a great and perfect designer also who loves to convert PSD to HTML files consistently. Sarah has been a experienced blogger also where she likes to write on various designing applications. She has shared a game development article above with the help of LimeJs framework.

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