What’s The Future of Automation Programmable Controls In Engineering?

By | July 14, 2020
Future of Automation

This year 2020 has been one of the hardest for the economy in the last 100 years. Nothing comparable happened to humanity since the great depression when millions of people were left jobless and simply starved to death.

The situation is still not as dangerous, but all points show that we’re headed that way. The unemployment rate back then was over 25% and we’re just a step away to reach this number. The crisis is far from over and companies are closing down one by one leaving people on the streets.

All of this information gives you a clear idea of what is going to happen during the next few years. People are going to be laid off more and more and you must do something about this issue before it’s too late and you get sacked.

Most people who are aware of this problem are already active and are trying to learn new skills. Having more skills in different areas will make you more relevant to the job market. Unlike before when people were asked to have a skill that they are excellent in, now, they are needed to have more skills at the same time.

In other words, if you’re somehow related to the engineering industry, you should train yourself in a certain job. Choosing the automation programmable logic controls as your domain is a very smart thing to do because this is a job that will be highly popular among employers in the future.

In this article, we’re going to talk widely about the importance of becoming a skilled and professional PLC engineer. This is not a simple job and you need to be well trained in it. For this, you need to take a course that will make you highly skilled and professional. Read on if you want to know more about this issue.

The future is automated

Unlike today, when people are still dominant in the factories and do lots of the work by hand, in the future, machines are the ones that are going to be dominant. Employers and company owners are not too sensitive when it comes to laying off their employees to achieve higher profits.

Having this in mind, it’s clear that a lot of people will become jobless because of tech reasons. The predictions are that factories will become fully automated by the year 2030. What is now done by hand will be replaced by robots. Some of them will surely be humanoids and act as ordinary people driven by artificial intelligence and computer software capable to do all tasks without a problem – just like humans.

The predictions are that almost a billion people will lose their jobs due to this technological advancement. Not just in factories, but in other segments too. Think about the customer service industry which is already taken over in more than 85% of the cases. The healthcare industry in which robots will play a significant role because of their ability to detect and treat illnesses and conditions.

Then, the financial industries in which numbers are the main priority. Computers can compute and analyze more than 100 times faster and more accurately. It’s clear who the employers are going to trust more, right?

Finally, there’s the manufacturing process in which robots will completely take over. Robots are much better workers than humans. They never ask for vacation and days off, they can literally work 24/7, and they are much more accurate and faster than the human worker. Unlike people, they’ll never complain to the boss about working conditions and that some of the colleagues are annoying or making bad jokes.

The predictions are that factories will be entirely human-free until the beginning of the next decade. The only person that will be needed is the automation engineer that is going to provide the program based on which robots will work and do their jobs.

Of course, after some time, some spare parts might need a change and this is something that humans will most likely need to intervene. Still, the predictions say that AI robots will be capable to do almost everything on their own.

They’ll detect eventual flaws, damages, need for repair and when technology reaches a certain point, they might even do these repairs on their own leaving no room for people to do anything there. With the rise of IoT and everything is connected to the internet, even spare parts might be ordered, delivered, and handled by robots.

Sure, this might sound like a script for a sci-fi Hollywood movie, but it’s not going too far when this picture will be a normal sight in our factories.

In a construction like this, the PLC engineers are the ones that will keep things under control and give orders to computerized machines. You can see them as people who are the keepers of good machine working.

There’s always a job for PLC engineers

At the moment, a ton of online courses is available on the internet. People are highly interested in them because they know that PLC engineers are never going to be jobless. No matter what happens in the world, these people will always have a well-paid job throughout the year.

Even though we said that future technology will be capable to do almost everything on its own, it’s still understandable that people will need to control the entire process. However, unlike in the past when humans physically looked over the process, now a single person will be able to see how things are moving through special software, cameras, and sensors.

There will be no need for quality control. There will be no need for control because robots won’t be able to make a mistake. Everything will be with the highest possible quality. In other words, being a PLC engineer means being the boss of the machines, and everyone wants to be the boss, right?

Get the best courses if you want to be among the highest-paid

At the moment, the average PLC engineer salary is over $80,000. In the future, this number is expected to become significantly higher. The reason for this is that this job is going to be more and more wanted and there are not as many engineers at the moment.

Those who are the most skilled and capable to make sense of the most difficult tasks are being paid up to $120,000, which puts them among the best-paid workers in the country. See more on this on the link.

If you want to become one of them, you must start your education as soon as possible. Getting online training is a smart thing to do. Once you finish this, you’ll need to find a job where you can practice your skills and become an expert. The more time you work, the more experienced and professional you’ll become in it.

There’s no job in the world that is equally paid by everyone and everywhere. Even surgeons who are among the highest-paid individuals are differently paid in different hospitals. It all depends on the skill level and the ability of the hospital to pay its workers.

It is the same in the engineering industry. There are companies that are going to offer a much higher salary, but they expect top-notch individuals whose service will be outstanding. The more skilled and professional you are, the better chance to be highly paid you have.


With everything said above, it’s clear that you should start your training right away. If you’re already skilled to some level, you should find online courses that will make you an absolute genius in the field of PLC engineering. One thing is for sure. No matter what level you are, being a PLC engineer means you’ll never be out of a job.

One thing is for sure. No matter what level you are, being a PLC engineer means you’ll never be out of a job.