Interview with Rahul Sahay – “ASP.NET MVC Code First”

By | June 1, 2015

I am excited to introduce my guest today, Rahul Sahay, Owner of a very active Technological Facebook group “ASP.NET MVC Code First“, a decent blog and Author of following books:

  • Hands-On with ASP.NET MVC Covering MVC6
  • Building Single Page App with ASP.NET MVC5 and AngularJS

Blog My View ( which is nearing 1.5 Lac visits. 70K visitors visit site on regular basis. Facebook group members count reaching 13,000. Congratulations on that Rahul ūüôā
Imran: Rahul, I have given a short introduction about you, your blog and books. Please tell us more about you and what you do?

Rahul: Thanks for kind introduction. Frankly speaking, last year when I started writing my blog; I started on 1st Jan 2014; that was last year resolution to spread the word. Later on I realized that people started liking my articles as my articles basically focus on How To stuffs? rather writing high level stuffs.

Imran:¬†When did you start your Facebook group “ASP.NET MVC Code First”, and why did you create it? What was the motivation or inspiration behind it?

Rahul:¬†Again, that get started last year to engage more people from same field. It’s like collect all the fishes from different ponds and put¬†them in a single pond to have more engaging and interactive discussion on Facebook¬†group.

Imran: What do you feel makes your Facebook group special?

Rahul:¬†Hmmm. That’s a typical question. However, still with Facebook group long way to go as there are couple of groups on the top of this. But,¬†special thing about this, we encourage people to cascade Job opportunities as well so that freshers/experienced people at the end get benefited.

Imran: What are some of the hot topics that seem to always be discussed within the group?

Rahul: Off course, MVC is the key thing. But, I also encourage people to talk about other technologies as well like AngularJS, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), Web API, Entity Framework, Azure, Other JS testing patterns like Jasmine, QUnit and many more stuffs which is really hot cake in the market.

Imran: For someone new to this group, how do they get the most out of it?

Rahul: He/She need to be active not all the times. But, whenever they login, once check the discussion tab there, so that they will come to know latest happenings on the group.

Imran: For our audience, please discuss in detail about the books you have written?

Rahul: I start in a descending order. So, the latest one which I have written is actually marriage of tons client/server technologies.
Here, I have used technologies like ASP.NET MVC which is basically base framework for the application.

  • Web API:- Off Course in order to data transportation; I found¬†Web API being the best. Since, it embraces stateless design out of the box¬†and built in HTTP verbs support the same.
  • AngularJS:-This is one of the most talked technology in the neighborhood today. I find, Angular JS is the most suitable one for building¬†SPA (Single-Page Applications).
  • QUnit:- This one I have used for testing my Web APIs. QUnit is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries used by JQuery team to write their¬†test cases.
  • Jasmine:- Again, Jasmine is a different JS testing library used for writing test cases for AngularJS. I have chosen this one as angular team also uses the same one to write their test cases.
  • Unit of Work Pattern:- I am fan of this design technique. It always gives me ability to aggregate the changes or keep the changes at one place and use at multiple place.
  • Factory Pattern:- Under the hood of UOW, I am using factory pattern for initializing the factors like dbContext, off course, for the 1st time¬†and then in subsequent call, it will be addressed by the same instance until site is closed.
  • Solid Principles:- SRP is one of the most used technologies from Solid principle. I usually keep my dependencies per class basis. This also helps me in writing clean Unit test cases.
  • Chutzpah Project:- This one I installed from Extension and Updates as this helps to integrate JS Test cases under the hood of MS Test runner. So, what will happen as soon as you click run all?, This will run both managed test cases and un-managed test cases under the same hood.

I have also written book on MVC. That is Hands-on with ASP.NET MVC. This basically talks about MVC right from the scratch till professional level Implementation.

Imran: Please discuss about your blog. What major areas are focused and how a developer can take maximum benefit from it?

Rahul: Frankly speaking I have started the blog as in for my learning purpose means as a online repository which I can refer at any point of time. But, later on I realized that people are coming to my blog and reading my article and providing feedback for the same. This actually boosted my confidence and then I decided, OK I will go ahead and make this a regular blog which will talk not only about Microsoft Technologies but discuss latest trend in the market like Angular. Till date, I think I have written 163 articles. And in about 1 year response is very good.

Imran:¬†It’s really amazing Rahul. What are your future plans about introducing more exciting things for your group members? Also, Is there any specific topic you are planning to write a book about?

Rahul:¬†Exciting thing to me is always talk about latest technology and share the same with group members. it’s very important to have the implementation knowledge at least on these new technology. Web is changing rapidly. People now converging towards JS framework more rather¬†than managed code environment like .Net or Java. So, in future I’ll be talking more on ASP.NET 5 which is again a great change in this area¬†and then off course Angular and Typescript. Also, I would like to focus on Azure and its capabilities. Next book which is coming is on WCF.
It is basically enterprise edition. So, here readers will experience end to end experience right from the scratch. Again this book is very deep dive. I think people will love it.

Imran: Finally, What do you suggest all your group members and .Net developers at large to improve their skills?

Rahul:¬†Learning is important and learning new skills, new improvements of existing language like C#, and implementing the same in your existing project will help any person to improve the skills. This is very important because these days even client is very demanding, they don’t¬†want to invest or focus on old stuffs.

Imran: Thanks a lot Rahul. I really feel proud to have you with us and sharing your thoughts. Thanks once again.
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