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By | December 30, 2014

Year 2014 is about to end and it has been most successful year for Web Development Tutorial so far, since I started it in year 2012. Readers remain engaged with WebDevTutorial blog and kept posting their feedback and suggestions through blog comments and Contact Me form. WebDevTutorial not only provided helpful technical articles in year 2014, but also provided following more interesting and free valuable material for developers as:

  • Question of the Day
    A question a day for web developers to involve and enhance their development skills.
  • Free Online Tests
    Online available tests on various web technologies including HTML5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, jQuery). It’s ideal for a web developer to test his/her skill before appearing for an Interview. I’ll add more Free Online Tests in coming year for reader to validate his/her skillset online.
  • Online Certification Practice Exam: 70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications)
    WebDevTutorial provides a Professional Practice Test of 40 questions and 90 minutes for Microsoft Certification Exam:70-486 allowing developers to validate their skills before appearing for actual certification exam.

Following is a snapshot of user participation at WebDevTutorial displaying top scorer in one of the available Online Tests.Top Scorer in ASP.NET MVC TestLooking into user response on above material, I am determined to:

  • Keep posting daily question on routine basis.
  • More and more Free Online Tests (soon you will see JavaScript and C# tests available here).
  • More Practice Certification Exams online.

With above Online Tests, Exams, blog articles, Source Code and eBooks; WebDevTutorial becomes an ideal platform for web developers to engage and enhance their skills.

Coming back to blog articles, following tutorials are chosen to be the best 5 articles of year 2014 on WebDevTutorial with respect to readership and user feedback:

  1. MVC3 Vs MVC4 Vs MVC5 Vs MVC6
  2. Practical Guide to ASP.NET Web API
  3. HTML5 Interview Questions (a MUST Have)
  4. ViewBag Vs ViewData Vs TempData Vs Session
  5. Reference Material Exam: 70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications)

1. Difference between MVC3, MVC4, MVC5 and MVC6

MVC3 Vs MVC4 Vs MVC5 Vs MVC6Since the release of first version of ASP.NET MVC in March 2009, Microsoft is trying it’s best to provide improvements as well as new features in every newer version. That’s why ASP.NET MVC has become an ideal framework for developing large scale applications on Microsoft plateform. In this featured ASP.NET MVC tutorial, we discussed in details about new features and improvements in various versions of MVC. For example:

  • ASP.NET MVC3: Razor View Engine and Templates for HTML5/CSS3 were the key features.
  • ASP.NET MVC4, ASP.NET Web API and support for OAuth/OpenID were introduced.
  • ASP.NET MVC5, Attribute Routing, Bootstrap and ASP.NET Identity were key feature.
  • ASP.NET MVC6, vNext is Open Source supporting Cloud Computing.

I have summarized the key features in my personal opinion here but there are many other interesting new features as well as improvements done in different versions. You can follow here for more detailed comparison of each version.

2. Practical Guide to ASP.NET Web API

ASP.NET Web API is an amazing open source framework for building HTTP services supporting more broader range of clients like browsers, mobile devices etc.

It was introduced in ASP.NET MVC version 4 for building services easily. This Web API tutorial explains:

  • why we weed it?
  • What it does for us?
  • and how it simplifies our work?

It aggregates all required practical implementations starting with a very simple ASP.NET Web API service and building/consuming that service with all CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations. Further discussing new features in ASP.NET Web API 2, implementing model validation in Web API service, multiple ways to handle exceptions in steps and finally Top Interview Questions on ASP.NET Web API are given. You can even download the PDF version of this guide here.

3. HTML5 Interview Questions (a Must Have)

It’s Part-1 in Series of MUST HAVE Interview Questions for HTML5. If you are a beginner for latest HTML standard i.e. HTML5 and wanted to grasp this version in a fast track mode or you are going to appear for an web developer Interview, this series of Interview Questions will be very helpful. I focused on most important topics related to HTML5 including:

  • differences with older version
  • Structuring elements
  • Form elements with practical implementation and source code.
  • Graphics (SVG Vs Canvas).
  • Using Canvas to draw simple graphics.
  • Application Cache in HTML5 and how to enable it.
  • HTML5 Web Worker and it’s limitations
  • localStorage in HTML5 and browser support for it.
HTML5 Interview Questions

4. ViewBag Vs ViewData Vs TempData Vs Session

With ASP.NET WebForms, Controller(Code-Behind file that is .cs or .vb) is tightly coupled with View(.aspx file) because it follows Page Controller approach. This is not the case for ASP.NET MVC as it follows front controller approach which decouples all these components. So, in such cases, we have multiple ways to pass data from Controller to View. I have discussed all these approaches in detail with code sample here as:

ViewData Vs ViewBag Vs TempData

5. Reference Material Exam:70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications)

Microsoft Certification Exam: 70-486 tests a developer’s skills on ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and CSS3 through real time practical scenarios.
70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC4 Web Applications

As a reference for Exam:70-486, I have categorized the content in following major parts as:

  • Key requirements for Exam: 70-486
  • Reference Study Material – An extensive lists of reference material including eBooks, Tutorials etc.
  • Online Tests (Available tests on ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and other web technologies.
  • Complete Online Practice Exam – Appear for a complete Online Practice Exam with 40 questions and limited time.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed web development with me @ Web Development Tutorial and continue this journey with me coming year.

Wish you an advance Happy New Year 🙂

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