Top 5 Stock trading softwares in 2019

By | March 16, 2019

Year 2018 has ended with the innovative softwares due to amazing features and technological advancement. Top rated stock trading softwares have been awarded with the advancement of convenient features for traders.

Obviously, you have been bored of detailed features of these trading softwares you are searching for. Our article gives a glance on the major features of the top 5 Stock trading softwares of 2019. So, without wasting more time start our brief on the trending softwares of this year.


At the virtual platform, you will end up searching when you find all the features of trading in Tradingview. Its features are scored 10 out of 10. With the amazing price structure and holistic characteristics of trading, it gives the exciting
experience to the users. Trading is much convenient using this platform.

People trade from the world and make discussion on the live platform of the Tradingview. Earlier, this software was available on the high-end stations but now, advancement of the company has provided you opportunity to trade from anywhere. Using you IPad you can easily trade on Tradeview. Trading is a serious business, follow here if someone wants to know how to make money from trading?


You will find the Metastock the second best software for trading. Meta trading is famous for its pictorial presentation. It gives you all the features in one. Characteristics of the software mainly involve:

  • The charts and tables for the current position of the marketgives analysis of the market.
  • With the fully featured advancement, Metastock gives an opportunity to look upon the current scenario and tradeaccording.
  • Free trial of the software for 1 month is one of the attractive features for users.
  • None of the software will give you future paint for trading, but Metastock gives.


In the world of trading, the price does not matter and features of TC2000 are too much as it charges from the users. Trading with this software is very easy and it gives award-winning featured to the customers.

The main feature of the TC2000 is 2-second advancement with which users find the development of the artificial intelligence that moves you towards the patterns as you have moved through the trading.

The amazing feature of 2-second also gives compatibility with the stock trading for you, with which it becomes is easy to get suggestions for the award-winning trading.


Hopefully, you are getting confused about selecting the right tool, but if you want to try a software which gives the best result with your cost then choose TrendSpider. The trial is free for this software but if you move towards Pro plan of TrendSpider, it gives you the following features:

  • You will find your moves towards world famous stocks immediately such as NASDAQ, Amex Stocks and NYSE.
  • The superb opportunity you get with the trading of crypto-currencies.
  • It will direct you towards the training session for trading on the platform well.


Optuma unlocks unique features for its users. Our customer portfolio is unique because professional and private investors make an investment in it. Our customers are traders, portfolio managers, sell-side analysts.

By the end of the date you get enough advantage in the form of data expulsion from 5 companies group. It is fantastic news for the stock traders.

Amazing features of the top 5 stock trading softwares are on your way now; it’s your turn to select the best one from them.