Using Social Media Bots

By | February 19, 2019

Social MediaAs an internet user, you may have come across several bots that appear on your feed, comment section or inbox. A perfect example is on Facebook with the emergence of Auto-liker, tiny tools usually found in comment boxes and invite viewers to visit the said link or profile.

What is a Social Media Bot?

Knowing a Bot is paramount, this is a repetitive web tool short for Robot that performs certain tasks on the internet.

A social media bot is an internet tool that performs the social task of increasing a specific users profile engagement by inducing traffic and keep posts that have increased engagement floating around to direct people to the source.

What do we do at Outbound?

The goal is to help customers with social accounts market their businesses, influence user audience to generate traffic.

If you are starting up a new business and you feel the need to have a social page to attract a whole new set of viewers we’ve got you covered with carefully crafted sets of guidelines and lists recommended sites to help you grow.

Why use Social Media Bots?

Since you are no stranger to popular social media platforms like; Instagram, Facebook, etc. This article and at Outbound you’ll embark on a journey to knowing the good bots that can be used on different  sites to increase visibility without going overboard by getting temporarily or permanently disbanded.

Looking for a simple and time-saving way to increase social media impact on your personal or business account? Or planning to engage in the time-saving benefits of social media bots?

How to use Social media Bots?

1. Have a user profile, this lays the foundation for a wide range of possibilities and having a social media account created is the first step.

2. Budget-friendly bots: A number of social bots are around but getting quality bots that will give your page the boost needed without breaking banks should also be at the topmost corner of one’s mind.

A bot like Jarvee gives users a 5-day trial before they have to pay a set sum to continue enjoying all it has to offer.

When you visit this article on social media bots, you’ll be educated on other social bots like Following like, MonsterSocial, Instazood, Fynds fify, etc

3. Total security: Make sure you have total control of any bot or automation tool you decide to use as a loss of it can cause a dangerous backlash. Since social bots are programmed to behave like humans do by emulating several characters for several users a far cry for its first version that just gave all the same outline “Hi visit my page and get more likes”

Remember also that at we do not advise users on any social bot to be made use of. Our main objective is to educate you as best as possible on all you need to know on the many bots that have been able to withstand the test of time and gotten quite a number of good feedbacks.