The Benefits of Magento for Your Website Design

By | November 15, 2018

When it comes to e-commerce solutions, Magento is one of the best. There are many alternatives to help you create a shopping cart experience on your website, such as Shopify or WooCommerce for WordPress. But then, if you need a tool with the most sophisticated features available, Magento from a company like Bing digital may be your best choice.

The platform has existed since 2008 and has ten years of improvement behind it. It’s now one of the most popular platforms available for shopping, and for good reasons. When it comes to customizability and security, there are few that can compete. We have summarised some of the other advantages to the Magento platform for you to think about.

1. Options for web customization

Many online shopping solutions have options to be customized, but most are limited to their theme. Shopify and WooCommerce need to be implemented within a theme such as WordPress, making the options for customization limited. With Magento, you can fully design it with CSS to make it work and look exactly as you want.

2. SEO and Mobile-friendly

In a world where Google prioritises mobile-friendliness and responsiveness over everything else, this is a key. It’s expected that your website can be easily used not only on a laptop, but on a tablet or mobile phone, too. We have probably all experiences a clunky user experiences when using a mobile phone, but Magento is extremely mobile-friendly, and ensures you won’t lose customers due to poor UX.

Magento is also great for SEO and allows you to edit your URL structure and metadata to fully optimise a page for Google search.

3. Fast load times

Linked to the last point, Magento is lightweight, meaning that page load times are minimised. A page taking too long to load is one of the main reasons people choose to leave a website they’re browsing, so ensuring page load is fast is highly important for maximising conversions through your site.

4. Security

Online shoppers are becoming more and more aware of the security of their shopping experience. Magento has very sophisticated security options. This means both storing and encrypting your customers’ data is simple and safe.

5. Integrates with several websites

Many business owners have more than one website to sell their goods, but only one backend is needed to fulfil the orders. Magento can be integrated with multiple URLs, meaning you don’t need to set up a separate shopping system for every website.

6. Has multiple currencies and languages

This is an important feature for anyone that is a global business owner and ships to multiple countries. Magento has seamless integration with different languages and currencies, meaning your customers can quickly get the information they need that is customized to them. This is a great benefit, and means you don’t have to set up every different country’s specific version of your website separately.