Technologies for mobile game development

By | November 19, 2018

Technologies for mobile game development – the best tools for the purpose
Technology has made smart phones as much of a necessity as breathing and drinking water. We use it more than anything – be it for work, entertainment or studies. This makes it one of the most favorite choices for game developers to sell their products. While developing android games is not that tough a task, it can be problematic for developers if they lack the proper tools and technologies. 

The main technologies and tools used by mobile developers for game development include:

1. Corona SDK
This is one of the latest gifts of technological innovation that most mobile app developers look forward to for designing various android games and apps. It is a kit of software development that can be run on Windows as well as OS X. Corona SDK makes use of OpenGL as its engine to render the apps. With Lua being used as the language for making scripts, this technology allows developers to design any android game for free. 

2. Unity
Unity is one of the top tools that developers use for developing mobile games. This engine for game development supports UnityScript, as script that is used solely for working on Unity. While this script is quite similar to JavaScript, the tool also supports C#. Being a tool developed for cross platform operations, it is available for a free as well as paid version. 

3. Cocos 2D
This technology of mobile game development is an open-source system that allows users to develop games for free. It is one of the most helpful tools for indie game makers and is known to work smoothly with Objective-C as well as Swift. This tool can be used on iOS as well as OS X. When coded with Objective-C, this can support Android via the plug-in for Spritebuilder Android.

4. Android SDK
Android SDK is the most common developmental tool that programmers use to design mobile games and apps for Android platform. It is the kit for software development that has been officially brought in by the OS. Sample projects along with the various source codes, development tools, required libraries and an emulator is already incorporated in the SDK for the development of Android application files.

5. Marmalade
This technology offers the availability of free suite of tools to allow the easy development of games alongside porting processes. For developers wishing to bring in 2D or 3D games, it is one of the most popular choices due to the high performance and fast outputs made by its cross platform engine. It is possible to code in C++ using the SDK. It comes in two versions, namely – Marmalade Quick and Marmalade Web.

6. Maya LT
It has hardly been a few months that Autodesk has launched this technological innovation to aid mobile app developers. This tool has been devised to cater the requirements of mobile game developers and other start up works. While Maya LT technology can be used on both Mac and PC, developers can look to utilize the Nex toolset apart from the essential features of animation like rigging and keyframing through skeleton generation and Autodesk HumanIK rig.

7. Nextpeer SDK
For any android game developer in search of Multiplayer social SDK, NextPeer is the best bet. It makes addresses to the issues relevant to multiplayer mobile gaming. Known to support both synchronous and asynchronous game play, NextPeer boosts the gaming experience quality. Along with building up player engagement, this tool can help android games developer to bring in increased player retention. It makes it more real and interesting by facilitating live rankings and real time interaction.