Why Poland is the perfect place to outsource programming services?

By | October 5, 2018

Why Poland is the perfect place to outsource programming servicesWhat do you think when you hear about outsourcing software development? Probably the first thought is India or China. However, there are better destinations like Eastern Europe which is becoming one of the most attractive places to outsource programming service.  Whether you are running a small or medium business and you are looking for a development team to work on your project, then Poland is the best choice. In this article you will find out why you should choose Poland:

Competitive price offer

As you probably know software development is not cheap. Prices per man- hour in Poland are not as low as in India but Polish developers have a lot to offer. Most of all they always provide outstanding level skills and the best product quality.

The high quality of the code

Polish development teams using cutting-edge technologies and they are well- known with Agile and Scrum. Moreover, they care about their work and put a big attention to the quality of the code.

Experience in working on big projects for international corporations

More often international companies decided to outsource software development to Poland. That’s way Polish teams have experience in working on big projects for companies like Google or Nokia. They are not afraid of complicated and long-lasting projects.

Experienced Programmers

Polish programmers are counted to one of the best programmers in the world. In a contest like Google Code Jam and Microsoft Imagine Cup, they received the highest ranks. Also, what is really often mention they have a strong educational background. According to the statistics, Polish tech universities graduate over fifteen thousand new specialists every year.

No Cultural Gap and good knowledge of English

The biggest advantage of outsourcing a programming service to Poland is a fact that there is no cultural gap comparing to the India or China. If you are from the US or Europe you can communicate with Polish teams without any problems. In Poland, people start learning English already at school and programmers often speak English very well.