Dominant Role of Web Analytics in Online Marketing

By | October 27, 2018

Are you Online? Do you think anybody asks this today?

Yes! Of course, but not to humans in person, rather Google via electronic communication. Internet, as a medium, has become inevitable and more efficient with the passing age. Anybody who has a business is online for sure, and if someone is not, he’s finding ways to step up into the digital world.

An exponential hike can be witnessed by one, in the number of online businesses and the share of online transactions made by them. A good reason that accounts for the same is a large amount of lead generation and customer purchase which diverse online channels bring directly to the table.

To make and fix an online presence, the first thing uttered is SEO. Why? For it helps your rank at the top and gives you successful returns considering a few traits of your website- user-friendly, relevant information, useful content, the user interaction to name a few.

Understanding a customer’s journey around your site is vital as it gives insights to enhance further the user experience which the primary aim is. This calls for Web Analytics Tools and Software that provides a qualitative and quantitative compiled report of your website’s performance and the records of tracked actions.  

Web Analytics in simple words is analyzing user-behavior and the marks they leave while traversing your website. It’s all about:

  • What visitors look for?
  • What are they expecting?
  • And how they find the information provided?

The phenomenon helps you to gather all these intelligence from your website and provide you relevant data so that you can stop guessing and start making rewarding decisions. Marketers who want a better understanding of their audience and their interests, and build a strong base for their marketing strategy, need to know how to utilize the rich data available best.

If leveraged correctly, Advanced Web Analytics can provide valuable cognizance about website visitors, how they got there at first and what pages continued to glue their attention for the maximum time; such traces of information can be used to enhance their online marketing tactics.

Imperative Dimensions of Web Analytics Drawing Semantic Results

Web Analytics help business owners figure out where to focus and pay heed to revamp their website and prove the attempts and efforts made, worthwhile. Have a look at the necessary pointers below:


The reports generated after examination of data are easily visualized and analyzed. Well organized and presented illustrations of records through analytics software and tools help businesses to make better decisions.


Testing can be done by implementing A/B test to improve the website’s functionality. The testing techniques and phases help to determine and predict outcomes of optimizing your site’s design, look, content and outputs. On can make good use of free Google Optimizer.

3.Web Analytic Tools

Google Analytics and the other commercial tools available can derive better results when it comes to reporting and segmentation. However, configuration (of profiles, filters, goals) and tracking solutions can be well experienced with Google Analytics.


Statistics give clear and concise insights into the captured data. Examining the structured and non-structured data in depth with Google Optimizer and Google Analytics can provide sheer outcomes making the best use of statistics and records.

Key Trackable Metrics to Judge the Performance

There are plenty of attributes that are indispensable while tracking the effectiveness of online business through its website. Below are some important threads of web analytics which are considerate to webmasters and marketers while executing their analysis:

  • Bounce rates

How many people coming from an external source viewed a web page and then left

  • Page views

The most seen pages over a website

  • Time-on-site

On arrival, how long people stay and stick to a site or a web page. If the stay extends, greater are the chances of brand impression and sale

  • Unique visits

The sum of visit counts a website get monthly, not the total number of hits/clicks

  • Conversion rate

Percentage of visitors landing to a transaction page and completing the desired goal(filling a form, making a download or a purchase) out of the total number of visitors.

  • Keywords and phrases

For which specific keywords, phrases, and titles the search is committed to finding your site.

  • Site entry points

How masses get to your site, the track they follow reaching your pages( landing/transaction pages)

  • Click density

The total of clicks and taps made on each area or zone(texts, links, images) of a web page to analyze what they are viewing and what is being ignored.

The Final Say

As the appropriate use of everything is fruitful, effective use of web analytics would help you gain success in online marketing and formulating its strategies.

Further, as consumer behavior is of utmost importance, its tools and software will help you prune essential data for smooth proceedings and receiving better ROI over online spends.

Neglecting some of the virtual(nature and type) and physical(location, shape, and infrastructure) features of your business, there is an excellent opportunity that web analytics spectrum brings for your website to optimize it adequately.