How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Local SEO?

By | August 30, 2018

Local SEO is a critical component of digital marketing but not so many people have an idea of exactly what it entails and how relevant it is in today’s business environment. The fact is that local SEO is extremely important in online marketing and it can help you grow your small business by promoting the visibility of the business on location based searches. Local SEO is meant to ensure that your business is visible to anyone searching for it at a specific locality. This may include searches with special Geo qualifiers like state, city, zip code as well as “near me” searches. Google is able to establish the location of a person and consequently provides relevant search results based on that location.local SEO Brisbane

Importance of Local SEO For Small Businesses

If your small business provides a service in a particular locality, you can benefit from local SEO in many ways. A recent study indicates that at least 95 percent of smartphones users use these devices to perform location-based searches and out of these, 61 percent contacted the business while 59 percent visited. These numbers clearly indicate that leads from local SEO are a major source of potential customers. In most cases, these leads are from customers who are particularly interested in products or services that you offer which translates into a higher conversion ratio.

The good thing about local SEO is the fact that it has less competition because you only compete with other businesses trying to optimize for the same local-based searches. This means that there is a much smaller pool of competitors which will help improve your rankings. Local SEO gets you more targeted results making things move much faster. Any small business can survive on local SEO alone since it is much less expensive overall.

Local SEO can help you establish local partnerships and connections that are vital for the success of your small business. The more visible you are, the better known you become in your locality. Local SEO not only enables you to rank highly on search engine results, but you also earn visibility amongst other businesses since anyone who finds you through local-based searches probably comes from your area.

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Many small business do not realize that local SEO can help them improve credibility and trustworthiness. Any time your business ranks highly on search results, your reputation significantly improves. If your small business has a strong presence in local-based searches, then you local reputation and credibility will grow. The more the visitors you send to your site, the higher the conversion rate.

Whatever type of small business you have, an increased web traffic will increase you overall sales. Good local SEO strategies and proper planning will get you several local leads. It is important to list you small business on some of the most important local business platforms such as Google and Bing since most customers perform local searches using search engines.

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